I've read before that girls who live near red light districts routinely get harassed on their way to school (early in the morning!).

Further proof that, no, sex isn't an entirely separate category of human behavior that has no relevance whatsoever on a person's moral character.

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Of course. Women are sex objects. This is my concern about trans ideology writ large. Women are shoved to the side in favour of men's sexual wants. We become insignificant humans, either sex objects or invisible. Men, on the other hand, are able to live their sexual desires full time and in public. I have this dread of a world where whenever we step outside, some high percentage of men, like 30% or something, are living their fetish fully in public and in any space where women might go. Like last week, there was that man dressed like a school girl hanging out outside of a school and the police put out an alert saying he's not dangerous. The teacher in Oakville is allowed to wear his sex toys to work. This will just become more common and women will be used by these men for sex and validation, and those who don't want that will stay home or limit their activities outside of the home. It will be a nasty, seedy, vulgar and violent world. Happy Tuesday Ladies!!!!

Men really really want women out of the public sphere. Trans shit, the increasing rates of forcing us to accept men's open sexual degeneracy, and the normalization of the sex trade are the primary ways that they're doing it.

When are we just going to build a separatist society already? Men are clearly fucking out of control and aren't getting better.

Count me in. I keep thinking about leaving Canada, but not clear where to go and it seems so drastic, but maybe it's not.

“Since full decriminalisation of the sex trade in 2003, New Zealand has seen a huge increase in domestic violence and rape. This is related to the normalisation and acceptance of women as objects for use, abuse and discard.”

Read about the justification for this claim: