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Little girl anime avi, 100% a whole ass white man.

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Probably a paedo as well.

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Oh no question, most TRAs have deviant sexual tendencies, if not all of them.

Yep. I’m past giving any man who’s into this the benefit of the doubt.

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How do you tell them it doesn't fucking matter what other cultures think? I don't give a SHIT if ancient Mexicans believed there were 25 genders. That doesn't make it true. Especially considering people in those "POC" countries we're supposedly invalidating are the biggest opponents of these movements. Do you really think a 50 year old man from the Philippines supports "trans empowerment" because biological sex is an evil white colonial idea?

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lol THIS!!!

the general consensus living in countries outside of the USA, Canada, the UK, and other ultra-woke parts of Western Europe, are literally laughing out loud at this whole TRA bs.

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This is what's so strange about these people. Originally, the "first" transexuals were a small, powerless insignificant group of gays and lesbians surrounded by conversion therapy rhetoric. When gays and lesbians saw them, they just naturally assumed it was a symptom of extreme, almost borderline psychotic levels of internalized homophobia. We NEVER saw them as a good thing and just felt sorry for them as charity cases. We thought if we finally got rid of homophobia, then transexuality would disappear. But then we were flooded with these straight men in large numbers colonizing gay and lesbian spaces.

They make it seem like "Terf" is some new ideology thats been radicalizing lesbians because apparently, lesbians were FINE with a hairy man in a $1 wig "identifying" as a lesbian wanting to fuck us until "the evil white supremacists" came in and taught the lesbians to align with the KKK and they magically turned into "Terfs"?

Just so people know, on reddit...these people are on a rampage against lesbians and gays. Anytime ANYTHING positive about lesbians and gays pops up, it's always hijacked by "i had no idea how misogynistic lesbians were. They have so much hatred towards women from my experience with them. Awful, awful people"...and then i click on their profile and he openly identifies as a "transbian" and my "misogyny" is because he has a dick and apparently i'm against women because "some women have dicks".

I've seen it with gay men as well. The whole, "theyre misogynists" meme thats being spread. They have some catty comments and my experience with them is if they genuinely expressed any sexism, it tends to be quite superficial and just offensive "im feminine so im one of the girls!" type of shtick and is eclipsed by actual misogyny by bisexual and heterosexual men but if you go on these reddit threads, you'd think you're dealing with a bunch of gay men who are coming together to plot the death of all womankind or theyre aligning with nazis and again, when you click on the profiles, it's AGP straight men in wigs who claim gay men are misogynists because when they go to gay clubs (which..again, why), the gay men "dont see us as women. they're highly misogynistic and feel uncomfortable interacting with us". Geee, you as a straight man feel humiliated and resentful by the exclusion of the "straight girl + gay guy" stereotypical "best friend" dynamic and you make them feel extremely uncomfortable so they cant relate to you and dont want you there. Yes, yes it must be the misogyny.

Theyre desperately trying to tie "Terf" to racism, misogyny, anything. I wouldnt be surprised if they tried tying it to homophobia. It doesnt make sense but they'll make it fit.

And you can tell this creepy TRA wants to say to this black woman what he's been saying to women and especially lesbians all along and the magical colonizer line is coming: "you're not a REAL black woman if your activism doesnt include trans ppl". We already have the "you're not a real woman if you dont support trans women". "youre not a real lesbian if you dont support trans lesbians". He doesnt have the balls to say it now but come on...he's accusing a black woman of supporting white supremacy so how black is she? Not very black at all apparently and he's the gatekeeper to blackness and not her. He basically inferred it. What a jackass.

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TBF gay men can be misogynistic. Usually not violently, but they're still men who have been raised to look down on women. I know a gay MRA and a gay Trump supporter. Gay men are not part of the female sex class and so they aren't always reliable allies.

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I agree with you so much. I always saw trans people as a result of internalized homophobia or sexual trauma background. I had sympathy for it because I saw it as deeply haunted people just trying to alleviate their pain. They were usually effeminate gay men with a history of trauma, who were just trying to escape, not wanting much more than a peaceful existence. And they were men who accepted that they aren't actual women.

I was mistaken, in the last decade it seems like everyone just completely committed to the lie? The entitlement, the hate, the erosion of women's spaces.

I regret ever tolerating it, give men an inch out of mercy, they will take a mile... and call you a nazi terf.

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Look, even if ancient Mexico treated people very differently than we do... we live here and now. We have our own struggle, and this is not helping relieve it.

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Yeah, we Koreans had only crowned people who wanted to wear pants instead of skirts as kings for thousands of years throughout history. We didn't check people's genitals when they were born, we only learned about that from the insidious white masters who never colonized us. /s

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Quite a coincidence, no? Also crazy how virtually every Chinese emperor and every Egyptian pharaoh was a penis-haver.

[–] Cat 6 points (+6|-0) Edited

The odd female pharaohs and emperors were definitely trans though. They must have been motivated by their gender identity, rather than doing what they had to to maintain power in a misogynistic society.

[–] shewolfoffrance 4 points (+4|-0)

Oh, definitely. Ladybrain can't handle foreign trade or massive building projects.

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Yeah on the bathrooms, prisons topic, I constantly see comparisons made with race segregation in the American south, as though women and girls needing single sex spaces is the same thing. I see this from academics, all sorts.

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Thomas Serrano writes in his book Whipping Girl that women having access to their own separate bathroom is a form of privilege. That's where they got the idea from.
Of course, women's bathrooms aren't a privilege. Women need them in order to be able to participate in public society in an equal way to men.

[–] shewolfoffrance 7 points (+7|-0)

How can he say this with a straight face? Having a private place to pee isn't a "privilege." Having access to a men-only golf club where financial and political deals are brokered is a privilege. Being able to attend elite, men-only universities was a privilege. The fact that men in the past could count on eliminating 50% of the population from competition for jobs, scholarships, and other opportunities? That's privilege.

Merely being able to have a safe place to pee when running errands is a pretty example of "female privilege."

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It's something women have that he wants. That's why he views it as a privilege.
It's similar to incels saying women are privileged because they have no trouble finding men who will sleep with them.

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When people compare it to segregation I say, "You're absolutely right. It's like it's 1960 and a bunch of white people want to go to historically Black schools, and go to meetings for Black people, and run the NAACP and meetings at the NAACP started centering white people saying the experience of white people who liked Jazz was much more important than of Black people... doing all that WITHOUT Black people having achieved equality status"

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TRAs are so confident in their ridiculous beliefs that they give me second-hand embarrassment sometimes. This is one of those times.

[–] Riothamus 11 points (+11|-0)

Fremdschämen- (reflexive, informal) secondhand embarrassment; to feel ashamed about something someone else has done; to be embarrassed because someone else has embarrassed themselves (and doesn't notice)

The Germans have a word for this because of course they do.

terfs are a white supremacist group that wish to uphold colonialist understandings of gender & completely eradicate other cultures just so they don't have to think about their identity.


So not constantly naval-gazing about your precious identity means you want to completely eradicate other cultures.

TRAs are the ones with the colonialist understanding of gender but with the addition that people can switch between regressive concepts of gender independent of sex.

The white supremacy accusation is just baseless slander.

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Meanwhile, radical feminists tend to show a far more acute awareness than TRAs that there is a whole world outside of majority white, English-speaking countries.

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what's to bet his comment is just a copy & paste of something he read on peddit. i know i've read that shit on peddit before.

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pretty much only white men ever say this right.. a lot of projection

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i hate how extremely online people often say things that are basically just "common sense is white supremacy" lol no, it's just that you want to feel oppressed by everything that doesn't mollycoddle your feelings

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The other day a friend blamed misogyny on "colonialism." Yes, life before the 18th century was so wonderful and quaint, and women lived entirely safe lives completely worry free! They were totally equal in all aspects of life, and they never ever faced violence from men until those evil old white people showed up. To which I say, do you mean imperial Japanese colonialism? What about Mexica colonialism? Ancient Egyptian colonialism? Apache colonialism? There's more than one colonialism, but we only ever think about one type because it helps perpetuate a certain idea. I see this all the time from my fellow friends in academia. They should know better. This idea that people of color are pure untouched humans only ends up infantilizing them and reminds me of the Noble Savage trope. It's insulting. Woke racism. I hate seeing the "well X culture had 3 genders." Yeah, that was their way of ostracizing effeminate men. They weren't equal to men. It's like they've shut that critical thinking area off in their brain. Anything "of color" is pure, wholesome, and righteous. Anything deemed "white" is colonialist and evil. They're not even double checking statements anymore. They gobble up whatever woke meme they see and take it as gospel. Of course they don't see violence against women 600 years ago as existing. They barely acknowledge it today.

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people need to acknowledge that misogyny has existed even before colonization and the advent of farming

[–] WynningIt 0 points (+0|-0)

Absolutely. In one of my anthro classes, we talked about how the most equitable societies in human history have been nomadic tribes. And yet they still had three hierarchies of value--age, ability and sex. Misogyny has existed in literally every human society that has ever existed. :'(

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