Plus, bees kick drones out to die once the queen has mated. They have contributed the one thing they are useful for and after that are nothing but mouths to feed during winter.

I have an Australian native hive, the ladies are about the size of a large ant and have no stinger. Wasps are predators, the adults are sugar addicts so I have to be extremely careful when I check my hive because the smell of the honey could attract them, the adult wasps kill other insects to feed to the larva and a near by wasp nest can decimate a hive's population.

When I see wasps near my hive (I've been having a wasp problem) I have to act right away, when I see wasps outside I'm scared that something horrible could happen. The comparison is very well done.

Keep your ladies safe. :3 I absolutely love bees, so this meme kinda spoke to me. I'm excited for all my flowers to start blooming so I can sit on my porch and watch them hop from plant to plant.

Bees are the best! Thank you for having a garden, the bees need all the help they can get. No matter where you live you will have a native solitary bee population so a bee hotel will do wonders and depending on where you like you can have different set ups.

https://www.agrifutures.com.au/wp-content/uploads/publications/12-014.pdf here is a free 300 page book on the plants loved by both native bees and European honey bees, it's written for Australia but it has the pollen/nectar information for each plant. I think I have enough plants and then I see one that's in this book and I have to buy it.

Also having bees around can do wonder for your garden, if you like strange or exotic fruits bees can be a great way to boost your harvest, things like vanilla need to be pollenated by hand unless you have a lot of bees nearby, this is also the case with squash and some bananas. You can also leave shallow trays of fresh water out, make sure you put marbles or stones in the tray so the bees don't drown. Bees are also very sensitive to weather so if they suddenly disappear you can expect some rain or very strong wind.

Oh wow, thank you! I just got to a place last year where I had room to have a small garden, so I made sure to read up about good pollinating plants. I'm going a bit bigger than last year so more information is always helpful. :3

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Very nice

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Lol, there are already comments on Imgur complaining about it, despite the fact it doesn't even mention trans people. I guess they're telling on themselves. Wonder how long until my account is silenced. XD

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LOL call them transphobic, tell they have internalized transphobia, bc after seeing that meme they jumped to wrong conclusions to invalidate transwomen. Clearly they don't see transwomen as women if they interpreted this meme that way..


You can set it when you upload an image there to not let people comment, I think.

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Love how this also works the other way around. A bee pretending to be a wasp, imagine how long they would play along, until...