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Very nice! Looking forward to more articles about scandalous acts of vandalism yet again committed by scottish feminists armed with dangerous weapons like chalk, ribbons, shoes... As much as I admire the First Minister for many things, I am really disheartened at how easily she thrown women under the bus to gain more woke points.

[–] Gini 7 points (+7|-0)

Don't you know, chalk and ribbons is literal violence.

[–] hypatia 10 points (+10|-0)

More of this activism!

This is what makes it hit home for politicians. They only see votes and money.

[–] Zola 2 points (+2|-0)

can you tell me what happened?

[–] hypatia 2 points (+2|-0)

I'm not sure what you mean. I wasn't involved with this particular protest, I was just responding to it. I think it's a good visual for politicians to imagine the actual women who are no longer voting for them because of all of this nonsense.

Good for them! Maybe they aren't being heard, but at least they can trip some politician on the way to the door and they'll finally pay some attention!

[–] BeachLover 4 points (+4|-0) Edited

I have been saying the same thing for the US. We who voted Democratic may have to not vote in 2022 and tell those we voted for in 2020 the reasons why. If anyone wants to go to DC this spring and do the same thing, leaving shoes like this, I'm game. Our signs could say, "Save Title IX" and "Keep trans women out of women's prisons"

[–] Luckystar 3 points (+3|-0)

What does wheest mean?

Wheesht = be quiet/shut up

So Women Won't Wheesht = women won't be quiet

WomenWontWheesht is a Gender Critical hashtag in response to a common refrain on Scottish political Twitter "wheesht for indie", where women who support Scottish independence -- and indeed anyone with grievances about the current government -- are regularly told to shut up in case the wider independence movement is called into disrepute.

[–] SulphuricMirror 0 points (+0|-0)

Wait, so if female Scots talk about independence, that will delegitimize the movement and it'll never happen? Only males can achieve political/national independence? Is that the logic here? (forgive never heard of "wheesht" until basically now and only in this feminist context)

Talking about independence is always good. Talking about seemingly peripheral issues like women's rights is bad because some men believe any criticism of the SNP reflects negatively on the independence campaign, and that all these petty grievances can be fixed post-independence. They argue in favour of concentrating on the act of achieving independence first instead of arguing about these peripheral issues (like women's rights). The younger male middle-class anarcho-socialist 'progressive' crowd think we're all right-wing transphobic bigots who don't genuinely support independence and should therefore be kicked out of politics pronto -- see the way they gun for Joanna Cherry and champion everything Patrick Harvie says or does.

Not all male independence supporters believe this, it should be said. Right now there is a schism happening in Scottish politics because of so-called "woke issues" -- die-hard SNP fanboys never call the governement into question because independence at all costs, but the ones paying attention see how batshit things have become and do support women standing up for their rights. Independence supporters are either for or against the SNP, and a growing number of the politically aware class have ended up -- after years, sometimes decades, of supporting the SNP -- in the latter camp.

[–] LadyGlum 3 points (+3|-0)

I don't know the exact translation but the gist is that it means "women won't be quiet/silent/shut up"