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I mean yeah if anything has ever been Orwellian these guys fit the bill. TWAW like 2+2=5

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Cool, can I make one little constructive critique? I would put it as "slavery is freedom," because they say "sex work is empowering," so the left side is the slavery and the right side is the euphemism. Does that make sense? Also, because it's that thing of you can't reverse statements...um... Like, you can't say "Work is Sex Work," that doesn't make sense. But what they argue is "Sex Work is Work." You see what I'm saying? Awesome poster :)

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She's using the phrases straight from Orwell, that's why they're phrased that way. I love this poster! Only yesterday used the 'Freedom is Slavery' line in response to a TWAW thought-stopper. Considering a guerrilla campaign to replace all of the insipid 'Hate has no home here'-type posters around my neighborhood with these lovelies.

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Oh, I didn't realize they were verbatim, I thought they were TRA slogans turned into Orwellian language--WHOA, do they fit! That is uncanny!

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Pretty nuts, huh? From both "1984" and "Animal Farm" (the one about some being more equal than others, if memory serves.)

No problem :)

As others have pointed out, these are direct quotes from Orwell's "1984". The last one is a paraphrazed slogan from "Animal farm" - still Orwell. The only addition from me is the "Truth is hate". Although after making it I could see that "Freedom is slavery" stands out in a bad way - mostly because while others are instantly seen as blatant lies, this one has a ring of truthfulness to it, "Freedom (from gender expectations) is slavery (to medical corporations)". On one hand I want to keep the quotes unchanged, on the other I feel like changing this one to "Slavery is empowering" would do a better job both in portraying TRA lies and have much more application - from prostitution to beauty industry to patriarchy in general.

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OMG I love this! And I also am really frightened by how "Truth is hate" is now becoming a bit more culturally accepted! I have seen many young people argue against the principle of free speech, saying that it's an outdated concept!