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This is so obvious in the cases of the TiM billionaires who fund this nonsense. Martine Rothblatt went to school and got started in business as a man. No college mentors trying to have sex with him, no employers quietly weeding out his application because he might get pregnant, no clients thinking he was the secretary.

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Yeah, somehow what you think about yourself immediately changes all of reality. I've heard many wokesters argue that TW don't experience privilege even when they haven't come out yet because the suffering of hiding their identity outweighs all privilege they might have. Which is such a stupid argument to make. Feminism used to acknowledge that men as a class are privileged even if their personal circumstances are dire. Depressed men still have male privilege, poor men still have male privilege. It used to be very clear that having a certain kind of privilege doesn't mean your life is always great and you never suffer. It just means, in this case, that you won't be discriminated based on your sex, and that the general abilities and features attributed to your sex generally work to your advantage. That's literally it. Even if you feel like people are constantly denying your identity and "misgendering" you by recognizing you as a a male and expecting masculinity from you, you still benefit from being seen as the superior sex and default human. While TRAs deny this, they also argue "cis" women inherently have privilege because they have a female reproductive system they can choose to never "make use of", which shows how much power they hold over poor gay men and transwomen who want to have a child. So, women are privileged because some people experience womb envy, and the people who have said envy can never be privileged because they're so distressed. It's literally saying: all that matters is the man's perception. Because he thinks a woman has something she doesn't deserve, it means she is privileged. Because he thinks he is the most oppressed person for being denied the thing he wants, it means he is not privileged. It's so embarrassing how people who call themselves feminists have adopted this thinking which literally makes men the authority on feminism.

Someone recently told me these older male transitioners remind them of rich white men having a midlife crisis. Some buy a car, some get a mistress, some become their own mistress.