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This is why I subconsciously am drawn to hanging out with men more than women. I don't like that I do this and have been trying to figure out why. I've determined it's because I cannot fucking stand the constant disclaimers, apologies, and caveats. It's extremely strange and off-putting behavior that makes women look "weak", cowardly, indecisive, too soft, bland, blank, and void of principles and personality. Basically everything a man looks for in a good servant.

Please, fellow women, realize that what you have to say is important and has value. Your opinions aren't dumb, silly, or hateful. You don't have to explain in such great detail, in fact it often takes away from your point and weakens it overall. Please realize that your opinions are just as true, informative, valuable, and worthy as any man's. Looking out for fellow women is the only caveat and disclaimer you need—men do not need to be the center of everything.

Being called a man hater is actually a compliment, it means you notice reality and think for yourself. Be proud to stick up for women. Don't back down if your ideas and opinions will only benefit women, there's literally nothing wrong with that at all.

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This is why I subconsciously am drawn to hanging out with men more than women.

Really? Men are insufferable and I despise them. And look: I didn't apologize.

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hahahaha this. I used to be a pick me (ugh). that just opened up doors to sexual assault and harassment even more. I finally realized I never had 1 good interaction with a male, and now I can't get enough of my girl friends. I have truly missed out on the support and no fear of being sexualized or touched inappropriately.

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You speak the truth. Women are too conditioned to second-guess themselves. Great things happen when you stop doing that. I remember that at my first job, I was surprised and in awe that so many female colleagues basically flocked to me, even the "girly" ones, because I used to have a hard time connecting with girls and women my age as a kid, I very much was "one of the guys". Luckily I've had some teachers who always encouraged my straightforward, no-bullshit attitude, and I ditched makeup and other feminine performances. And then, somehow, the cool and confident women found me. Which was bizarre because I was being less feminine and I would have expected women to be more hostile towards me because of that. But the thing is, femininity encourages competition among women. It teaches us to compare our looks and our desirability. When we step out of it, we can connect as people. It was like a fog had been lifted. It was suddenly so easy, and I found myself enjoying the company of women more than the company of men (which had never been the case before). Female socialization divides us, is designed to divide us.

Even I do it - even when I know I'm talking to a man that is GC. But you know what, I don't want them - those specific men - to feel bad. I'm okay with GC and feminist ally men. So I've been saying: "no, I don't hate the two of you, but men I don't like." Let them figure it out for themselves.

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....especially when it comes to traaaaans. I mean how many times do you hear a statement followed by “I am not transphobic. I support trans people In having rights.”

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It's because we know men's egos are fragile and will throw mantrums unless we do so. I do it as a defense mechanism so I don't get verbally abused and berated by my male relatives and peers.