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It's extraordinary that the post has a red "trigger warning" flair when it's just a really calm thoughtful moderate message. And yet no trigger warning on any of the hateful, violent, misogyny that seems to infect the majority of trans discussion.

Glancing at the comments, it seems the majority of the other members of the group disagree very strongly and some are accusing the OP of being a secret terf. It's very telling that so many of them see "calm, tolerant, rational" and immediately think "terf".

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sTuNniNg aNd bRaaaaaaaaVe transfolx. but too sensitive to even hear the sliiiiigthly other side of the argument.

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This was my immediate thought. Why did that post need a trigger warning for "contentious content"????

It's like when J.K. Rowling started talking about trans ideology. She was really calm and thoughtful and even supported trans (ugh) but people were calling her a bigot and canceling her. Still amazed by that.

But I love that now if a woman on a dating app says she loves Harry Potter, it's like code word for TERF. It's hilarious.

I think I was 11 when Harry Potter came out. I never could have fathomed . . . any of this.

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Its crazy how many trans people are on tumblrinaction laughing at everybody else but "transphobia" crosses the line 🙄

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That's not sanity, it's them whining that they are losing allies because they are obnoxious.

They still expect people to follow their rules, they just think that they should be nicer about it instead of insulting.

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It's just less craziness and compared to the insanity of most TRAs, it might look like actual sanity

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When everything around you is burning out of control, the person standing around watching, but doing nothing to help put it out, seems not so bad.

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That's really insidious. They've moved the Overton window so far that it's unrecognizable.

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I think Reddit OP may be a gender critical person funnily enough because they have posted a couple of "controversial" things into trans subreddits, such as "Why is woman = adult human female" wrong etc.

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At least now they've realized that they can't just expect everyone else to "be kind" and not themselves

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I went from non-binary to raging terf in a matter of a few months, but I don't think I can go back even if I wanted to. This isn't a human's rights movement, it's a cult.

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May I ask why you went non binary?

I'm very glad to have you on our side.

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I thought it was a good way to cope with misogyny. As it turns out, you can't stop getting treated like a woman just by identifying out of womanhood. Also, I realized how misogynistic the trans movement is.

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I'm sorry you got sucked into that BS. No one knows better than a GNC woman that there's no such thing as "escaping misogyny" by changing clothes, and I really hate how it's being perpetuated to the general public like this.

Like the whole idea of masculine women having "butch privilege," as if putting on some men's clothes makes men respect you. Um, no.

If anything, they get angry because you're not conforming to their sexist nonsense, and by doing so, you are effectively saying no.

(I'm not attacking you, I'm just ranting. I'm so tired of this entire gender "movement.")

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Lol bit late for that, glad to see this biting them in the ass

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i hope it bites harder when they drive everyone else to peak.

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They're still expecting pronoun use. They still need some capitulation

[–] Womenareterfs [OP] 58 points (+60|-2) Edited

Well I would have used preferred pronouns a few years ago to be polite and civil. Then this whole “transwomen are women and deserve womens rights” shit started going mainstream so I no longer want to participate or support this sexist shit, pronouns included.

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Seven years ago I would and did use pronouns. I would even call them ‘women’. No big, right? Then I realized they meant it literally. Now they can shove their pronouns up their backhole.

[–] panzerwurf 38 points (+38|-0) Edited

same. i too peaked when they started throwing around that "transwomen are biological women" rhetoric.

[–] Althea 37 points (+39|-2)

Yeah, I would have absolutely no problem with pronoun use if it weren't accompanied by the other nonsense.

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Yeah, same. I have multiple TIMs in my life and I used to use preferred pronouns. Now I just use their name and avoid pronouns altogether. It makes sentences a bit clunkier but nobody's really noticed.

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Most people would be considered transphobic based on the definitions we see on reddit reality

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So we may be allowed to draw the line at sports. I'd like to hear a lot more examples from him of what is and isn't transphobic

[–] Every-Man-His-Own-Football 21 points (+21|-0) Edited

It's crazy how much trans people hate "cis allies". Turns out even "cis allies" have problems keeping up with their ever-changing demands, the contradictions inside the ideology, what is the current morally correct language, etc. So once a "cis ally" inevitably messes up, he or she is no better than the worst transphobe. Narcissism is really at the root of it.

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Honestly, I won't be surprised if it eventually gets deleted and/or banned.

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It's so true. I'm all about live and let live (as long as it's not hurting anyone) but because of the stupid and loud majority that shoves trans everything in your face and demands you to bow to their every whim and never EVER question them or else they'll label you as a transphobic and lose your job, i would be happy just leaving them alone.

Bullying people and trying to smear them and get them fired will never help your cause. It will only make potential allies resent you. You have to think of yourself as selling them something like a customer. Make it sound good and back it up with solid reasons and facts, rather than just tearing the person down and threatening them.

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I find it ironic that just a few years ago, homophobes were complaining that gay people were always "in their face" when all we were doing was existing and occasionally protesting for our rights. We were never really in anyone's face.

The trans movement has completely defined "in your face" and embodies basically everything other minorities were falsely accused of . . . and they're privileged men.

So much projection.

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Is the person they are describing me? That's exactly what happened to me.

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