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This post did not deserve to be downvoted at all.

I'm black and I've often thought the same thing. Slaves were used as commodities and it was dehumanizing. They didn't choose that. Their circumstances led them there. Yet no one would say slavery was okay.

How is prostitution, stripping, etc really any different? Even without a pimp, these women have been brainwashed to think they are "empowered" when really they are just dehumanizing themselves.

I made a comparison like this the other day here by saying there were some Uncle Tom slaves who "liked" being slaves, but I deleted it because a lot of my posts have been attacked/downvoted lately, and I didn't come here to be treated like I was on Reddit.

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Lmao you're telling me. I made a white libfem starterpack and I got lots of angry comments and some downvotes because it included being vegan. It was literally just something that seems to be popular among libfems just like the septum piercing, Glossier, and being from the PNW.

Anyway I also thought about this comparison, I think sex trafficking would be most equivalent to forced slavery and "choice" sex work at best could be indentured servitude. BUT yes, you're right, women are dehumanized and reduced to literal commodities. But tbh that's how men are wired to see us anyways, think of how a man's status goes up with how many women he obtains whereas women (as commodities) lose value every time they are "used". I feel gross writing that out but if you need any more confirmation just think of how many men will break up with their SO if their friends don't like her. Whereas women will cut off long term friendships just because her best friend doesn't like her new man.

I got lots of angry comments and some downvotes because it included being vegan

Lol. I am a vegan and everyone who has some kind of insight into the community knows that the overlap between veganism and wokism (and, sadly, "alternative medicine" and other esoteric bullshit) is pretty huge. It just fits the brand of people who pride themselves in being enlightened and progressive for the sake of claiming those credentials.

I loved your starter pack! I showed it to my wife and we had a good laugh.

Absolutely ignore downvotes please. My circle has close to 5,000 users but only about 200/300 regular commentators. There’s bound to be trolls unfound as they haven’t commented.

I’ve been thinking there are either trolls or people are being way too careless hitting the arrows - and not looking afterwards!

All downvotes are not trolls, that's pure paranoia. Sometimes people just disagree and do not have the mental energy to engage.

That's a weird thing to downvote. What was your point ? I'm curious.

Also To be fair I often use the race/sex parallel and I always feel bad for kind of "tokenizing" you guys. But it's just... Sure, the history isn't exactly the same, and there are things that as a white woman I'll never understand, but comparably there are other things a black man will never understand. And the thing is both oppressions are actually pretty similar.

And I don't want to appropriate anythingor tokenize anyone, but it angers me very much how racism, cultural appropriation, etc, are taken much more seriously than sexism (not that racism is solved at all). I really think it's disingenuous when people condemn racism while in the same breath calling women nazis for calling out misogyny.

Had a TIM call me homophobic because I pointed out that RuPaul was a misogynistic shit. Like... Lol. .

another white woman here, I feel exactly the same way. Like, exactly.

but I deleted it because a lot of my posts have been attacked/downvoted lately

They're fake internet points. Nothing bad actually happens when you get downvoted. Deleting a post because you didn't get enough fawning attention and too much pushback is pretty silly. You should be prepared to hear dissenting opinions if you truly don't want to be on Reddit.

Please read what she said.

She did not delete for lack of “fawning attention “(upvotes), and she did not delete because of dissenting opinions (replies that explained why someone disagreed).

She deleted because of downvotes.

you're right! I can't understand anyone who would downvote this.

I personally feel like slavery comparisons are up to people whose ancestors suffered from it, it's not for white people to decide whether such comparisons are appropriate. That's why I also don't like non-Jewish vegans comparing animal agriculture to the holocaust. It's just not respectful and weaponizes struggles one never had to experience in order to prove a point. It's really stupid though when "white guilt" goes so far as to silence black (or Jewish) people who use the analogies of their choice. Well, that's liberal feminism for you. They'll also tear down any criticism of Islam as "Islamophobia", even if the critics are women from MENA countries.

This is so true. How long after the full legalization of sex work will they be advocating for it to be a service reimbursed by the government for those who qualify for disability payments?

If "sex work is work" it also means unemployment offices will recruit women into prostitution, when it's legally just like any other form of work.

I tried to use this as a perfectly logical argument about a horrific, unconsidered side effect of “sex work is work” only to be told that that would be perfectly fine by a libfem because it should be destigmatised and apparently the only traumatic thing about being forced to have sex for money is the fact that it’s illegal.

That's some batshit logic there.

Take the money out of the equation for a moment. Does she believe the only traumatic thing about being forced to have sex is the fact that it's illegal? Or is it inherently traumatising regardless of the law? If the latter, does giving her a tenner negate all the trauma?

The paedo next door bought my compliance with sweets and chocolates. Would his actions have left me unscathed if they'd been legal? Does she realise that's the logical implication of her position?

Some parts of Europe have already tried this. They don't realize how abelist it is to claim: "disabled people are so gross that their ONLY chance at physical affection is government subsidized prostitutes!!"

Amnesty actively pushed for that in at least one country.

Fuck This is so spot on! I want to post this but I know it would be taken entirely wrong.

Wow. This is so accurate I almost died laughing! Especially the part about "disabled slave owners"

I'm just waiting for the obsessed TRA white men to screenshot this and repost it with some claim of how racist or bigoted TERFs are for making this comparison.

Yeah, I remember seeing libfems on Twitter try to rebrand the image of actual sex trafficking/ rape slavery as something “empowering”, when really it’s a violation against human rights.

Although I was never a TRA defending libfem, i was one that thought "there's nothing wrong with sex work as long as it is regulated, it's worse to make it illegal" and THIS argument changed my mind. Also, the fact that murder is illegal even though if someone wants to murder they will do it regardless... Yup. That changed my mind too

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It's not that I think the comparison to slavery is racist, it's the trivialization of disabled issues and representation. Reminds me of socialist teens on Twitter telling me it shouldn't matter if we have a female president because of war crimes, etc.