It's true... I'm a black woman. I hate blackface. AND I have always been uncomfortable with how rampant black men impersonating black women is in our community.

I'm just now noticing how prevalent that is too! I was watching the opening to "Martin" today and he played several female characters on that show. I was like wtf.

To this day, I think Dave Chapelle is the only black male comedian who hasn't done woman face. And I mean like . . . A hugely successful comedian. I'm not counting Steven Harvey or Cedric the Entertainer. Big names like Will Smith, Martin, etc. I think even Chris Rock dressed in drag at least once (Fresh Prince cameo).

The Wayans brothers tried to flip it by mocking white women instead, but they were still mocking women. It's like they thought changing the skintone would make it okay? Um . . . no.

(I'm black too, btw)

Do you know Tee Noir? She's very libfem but I think she makes great points about that.

This is why I've become increasingly more uncomfortable with drag over the years. Even when they're not claiming to be actual women, they're mimicking sexist stereotypes and mocking women (sometimes specific women like Cher or Dolly Parton) to amuse a primarily male audience. I don't see how drag is much better than those old minstrel shows.

How can anyone mock Dolly Parton? She’s a gem of a human being.

How can anyone mock Dolly Parton? She’s a gem of a human being.

Drag performers only see glittery outfits and large boobs when they look at Dolly Parton. They know nothing about her as a person because they don't see females as real people

Nothing is stopping these men from wearing glittery outfits and styling their hair weird. David Bowie did! Elton John did! They could literally do all of that without mocking women.

And she came in second place in a drag/impersonation contest!

I always thought that was kinda funny, but looking at it with GC glasses, society wants a more stylized, more over the top version of women - to the point that the actual Dolly came in second place at a Dolly impersonation contest!

I think it would be fine if they didn't also make fun of women's body parts with those fake hips and fake breast prosthetics. They always say "oh we're just making fun of femininity" but clearly they're just making fun of women if they go through the effort to impersonate our literal bodies...

I hate how every gay bar has a drag show. I use to find them funny, now they piss me off.

See it's because the general consensus is that women aren't oppressed any more, because in developed countries we can vote, own property, take lovers, and make money from OnlyFans while we're still fresh because ew old women.

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Exactly this. "You won the right to vote, what more do you want" as one dude told me. Women aren't seen as oppressed. So it's open season on mimicking us, appropriating us, objectifying us. Even blaming other systems of oppression on women (Karens).

"You won the right to vote, what more do you want" as one dude told me.

I'd ask the fucking dude, since he had the right to vote, what more HE wants. He might give some smart-assed answer back, but at least we would have thrown it in HIS face.

Every 24-hr news site and paper would shut down if men didn't have more needs. Men never shut up or stop arguing about how much more they need. And we're supposed to be content with getting a yay or nay on whichever need they put up for vote?

and because white women have white privilege, and rich women have class privilege. as if privileges for being part of one group canceled out oppression for being part of another group.

But for everybody else, InTeRsEcTiOnALiTy.

i literally just wrote about it in another reply hahah exactly! it makes me so sad to see how intersectionality has been corrupted to a weird kind of hierarchy where the more oppressed you are, the higher you get into the hierarchy.

For real. I’m white, college educated, and grew up upper middle class. Doesn’t change the fact that misogyny is very real.

I'm white and I've dealt with absolutely rancid misogyny and sexual harassment from men of all races and socioeconomic statuses in an otherwise "woke" city. Some men even told me I was racist for rejecting their harassment or asking them to leave me alone, because clearly the reason I didn't like someone calling me a whore (in my middle school uniform) was because I was prejudiced.

That said, I sympathize with Black women who are frustrated about white/rich women selling other women out because of racial or class reasons. The term "Karen" used to be about calling that out before it got coopted by misogynists. Many women are actively encouraged to identify with anything over their own sex, and in white women's case it leads to a LOT of racism and misogyny against other women in particular.

The term Karen did not originate with black women. It was started by Dane Cook (white male) in a comedy routine a 15 years ago ago and picked up by male reddit user u/fuckyoukaren who was targeting his ex-wife before becoming the group r/fuckyoukaren which was a misogynist hellhole of men using the term to hate on women in a socially acceptable way. The idea it was appropriated from black women is trying to make sexism acceptable using black women as a shield/excuse even though they had nothing to do with it and is not much different than TRA saying, but black women were banned from bathrooms, too!

i agree with everything you said. and i think the misogyny white women are facing today is related to the phenomenon of black phishing too. this and intersectionality (the distorted version of it, not the original) it doesn'tt mean that it's ok for white women to pretend to be mixed or black or anything like that. it's ridiculous to pretend you are somehting you're not. but it seems to me there is this trend where being part of an oppressed group is cool and being part of a privileged group is a terrible crime. the more oppressed, the better because you're guilt free basicaly.

and make money from OnlyFans while we're still fresh because ew old women.

Lol. This genuinely made me laugh. Two reasons, 1) because it’s true and 2) I’m old. 👍🏻

At 50 women gain the power of invisibility. Not being perved on (as much) is a plus, but being ignored in stores when I'm trying to get waited on is not cool.

I even see this consensus in the left. I used to be part of a lot of leftist groups and 99% of them would write in the rules "no homophobia, no transphobia, no racism, no ableism, no ageism and no classism" and they'd just leave out the word "misogyny" as if it's just a thing that doesn't exist anymore...

This is, to me, is the politics of transism. It can’t be put more effectively & succinctly: trans tramples on and past women’s boundaries. It colonizes women.

Its especially galling when "lived experience" is such a big part of modern woke discourse. A White woman can't speak for Black women's experience (even if they choose to LARP as Black). But, somehow, its appropriate for dudes like Charles Clymer to wake up one day, put on lipstick, and speak for all women after 30+ years of living as a male?

Yknow what? I like this term “transism ” as a corollary to racism and sexism... is that how you meant it?

Women are the only oppressed group that's not seen as oppressed, and even seen as the oppressors in some cases. We're still actively enslaved in some ways, and oppressors can't recognize the humanity of an enslaved group.

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This is why Rachel Dolezal is rightfully called racist for pretending to be black, but it's somehow transphobic to call a man sexist for saying he's a woman. It's because they don't see women as an oppressed class.

Too true -- less "no other oppressed group is expected to tolerate impersonation", more "no other oppressed group is perceived to be totally not oppressed and just hysterical."

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That's because all the other oppressed groups have men.

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Apparently you don’t know enough about women & womanhood to claim he isn’t one but he knows enough about it to become one. Fascinating how that works

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You're also transphobic for calling him sexist when he says how womanly he feels when he puts on a bra and high heels, and how feminine it is to wear lipstick and make lesbians suck his girldick.

Thank the drag queens

Its like someone calling themselves black after getting cornrows, lip injections & using dark foundation. How is transgenderism not regarded as “gender appropriation”. Can’t wait for people to start accepting changing races because “it isn’t harming anyone” and “their mental race doesn’t match their physical race”

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