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Oppressed groups do not threaten suicide to their oppressors because that's exactly what the oppressor wants to happen.

Imagine if all the Jews threatened to kill themselves if the Nazis wouldn't stop gassing them.

Exactly. If Jews in nazi Germany or Black Civil Rights activists had threatened mass suicide, the nazis & white supremacists would shrug and say, "Thanks for saving us the trouble!". That strategy wouldn't work for folks who are actually oppressed

Yep. As soon as something is mostly about your social perception, your personal feewings, and your right to get to do things you can already do (play sports for example) but just get access to the other sex’s version you’re not talking about oppression anymore. You may be talking about denying your demands and disrespecting your wishes and “identity”, but the poor me I have it worse than any cis woman narrative is so selfish and delusional.

Oppressed women are more likely to wish their oppressors would STOP fucking them (see: African-American slaves, child brides, women in war-torn countries, etc)

seriously, sex is so traumatising for many women because of how real sexual violence is in our lives. while we wish just to be LEFT ALONE, deal with the havoc that sexual violence leaves on our libidos and desires and very relationship with sex, the sex pests think being left alone is oppression loooooolllllllll. just shows what they know about being a woman.

the sex pests think being left alone is oppression loooooolllllllll

So typically male to think they are owed sex and that not getting it is "oppression."

Sex is not a basic human need nor is it a human right. Yet every single man seems to think so, and we women are eternally mean and evil for not fucking them when they command.

Not all T are incels, but the incel Venn diagram would show quite an overlap.

Demanding sex is such an incel thing. "Do it or I'll kill myself" is an incel thing too, although up to now it's been incels murdering others first.

Being undesirable is not oppression. Having people avoid you because you're an asshole with a sick sexual fetish --- that's not oppression.

although up to now it's been incels murdering others first.

Somehow I expect this isn't far off for the TRAs...

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Spot on. If you ask my older Black family members about their experiences during the Civil Rights Movement, they’ll tell you about their experiences with violence, lack of opportunity, being unable to vote, etc. None of them have ever mentioned being sad that white people wouldn’t fuck them and that’s because when you have actual problems, you focus on the shit that matters.

If a TIMs biggest problem is that lesbians won’t fuck him and that women don’t feel comfortable having him in their intimate spaces, that says a lot about this movement.

If your biggest problem is that you can't get laid, you're not oppressed at all.

What do you expect from a “movement” coming from porn addiction and narcissism...

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Social justice oriented liberals are always going on about how intermarriage is a sign of social acceptance (eg white people dating/marrying black people is a sign that racism is abating). And that people can be marginalized within beauty standards (eg disabled women being considered ugly is a sign of ableism). Men who believe themselves to be women have co-opted these justified observations to cloak their intention to sexually coerce women, especially lesbians.

On the contrary, oppressed groups are usually upset that they keep getting raped.

OMG this is such a mic drop moment!!!!

I was talking to my bestie yesterday about how I’ve been realising that every single theoretical framework the trans movement has ever applied to itself has just been cribbed from legitimate rights movements and reformatted to fit trans ideology. and DAMN it worked on me. it worked specifically by exploiting my desire to empathise with the realities of other oppressed people and using language and concepts those other groups had made me aware of. with too much good faith and not really great critical thinking skills, I was PRIMED to fall for it.

it is a fucking parasite of a movement with no authenticity or truth at its core.

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Women have been around for all of history and our rights have always been two steps forward one step back, transsexuality has only been possible due to recent technology and everything is changing for them.

Lol, so by that last argument the TRA rethoric is: nobody is oppressing me, so I'll just go ahead and oppress myself, thanks!