🤣 I'm a lesbian and I love to read FDS. They have some funny stuff on there but also have some really deep and nuanced discussions.

I would love to chat with you and see how fds vs lesbian dating is similar and/or different.

I used to think dating a woman would be so easy until my friend who is now married to a woman but used to be married to a man explained that, while it’s different, dating and relationships are hard for everyone.

I'm going to tread carefully and only speak from my experience. I have only ever been with women so I can't compare it to dating men. I think the low value male equivalent in the lesbian community is similar but different. In my sphere, I have only known one lesbian relationship that had physical abuse but plenty with emotional abuse. I am on the tail end of being an "old gay". I was an adult during Don't Ask, Don't Tell and was with my now wife before we could legally wed. That said, there was still a bit of ostracism from our families and society if you were "out." The lesbians I hung out with in my early 20s didn't live at home with parents and I feel were fairly independent financially. The low value lesbians were more of the emotional abusers. They played the white knight or were the enablers. They would also play the victim that needs saving. I think a lot of the psychological tactics LVMs use cross over to LVL (low value lesbians). On the other hand, lesbian/gay relationships tend to be more egalitarian in some regards. I wouldn't expect my date to pay for meals- we are both the woman lol. Also, the threat of violence from a woman is so remote, I never really worried about being assaulted. This was before online dating, but I never felt the need to have my guard up while on dates with women. I can't imagine always having to be mindful about a date possibly turning into a cad or getting violent and realizing they could easily overpower me. Fortunately, some of that advice just doesn't apply.

I do really like their discussions on men in their personal lives. I like the discussions about father, brothers, uncles, bosses and how that affects them. There are LVM everywhere and you can't avoid them all.

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Over the holidays my uncle was nagging his other niece about when is she getting married. This uncle is on his third marriage, managed to lose more than half his assets in the first divorce, and then half the remainder in his second divorce...