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  1. Last time I checked we aren't seahorses. 2. Male seahorses don't really get pregnant like we know it, they carry the baby seahorse in a pouch.
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Exactly. I was hoping someone would mention that second point when I started reading this thread.

It really shows the ignorance of the person tweeting to write that male seahorses can get pregnant. That's like saying a guy carrying a baby in one of those baby sling pouches is "pregnant".

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I actually blame pop science articles. Instead of being accurate, they focus on clickbate titles and sensationalized articles. Hence why you are seeing idiocracy level shit like estrogen can cause periods in males and men get pregnant too!

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I really need to be more mindful about collecting these - I teach science and it would be great to do a deep-dive into misleading headlines. Maybe not about the whole gender thing so I can keep my damn job, but at least for a myriad of other different things.

Hell, why not with the seahorses though? Doesn't have to be about gender, just about what it means to be pregnant. Would be a great chance to talk about the difference between viviparous/ovoviviparous/oviparous.

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Same. That plus old FB groups like "I F****ing Love Science" that only post extremely basic, misinformed, confusing stuff that gets clicks. Basically just tons of galaxy pictures or pictures of leaves with some blurb about the Golden ratio/spiral in nature.

Edit: I firmly maintain this iteration of "science" is filling the void in young people that religion used to fill. I believe humans need some form of spiritual or self reflective outlet. Not necessarily religion but some form of community that helps you feel accepted and like you belong. It typically has signals, labels, signs, symbols phrases, objects, slogans, that kind of stuff— to show which social "tribe" you belong to. "Dog whistles" if that makes sense.

This Neo-Liberal Pomo "Science" is the new religion. It has phrases you must say to signal your belonging (TWAW). It has Holy books ("science articles" and "research studies") that are often very difficult for laypeople to understand so they rely on the Priests to interpret it and tell them what it says (like those ridiculous FB pages that summarize lengthy studies with click bait titles). It has a sense of community and clearly defined tenets that must be obeyed. You get massive rewards for participating and you get massive penalties if you don't.

I apologize if this was ramble or unclear, my thoughts are sluggish today. Other users on this site have much more coherent and in depth analysis of this than I do.

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Last time I checked we aren't seahorses.

That's awfully presumptous of you. How do you know how anyone here identifies?

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That's awfully presumptous of you. How do you know how anyone here identifies?

Ten trans-seahorses just killed themselves because they were mis-species'd. 😥

I wish morons like these were seahorses. They do a shit job of being homo sapiens, especially the second bit.

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They don’t just carry the embryos - the eggs actually imbed into their pouch wall.