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I think that is a great idea! A lot of headlines. on a full aray of subjects are totally sensationalized and may even be different then the actual story. I remember seeing an article once that said scientists say that having a dark sense of humor could be a sign of dementia. Sounds pretty scary right? Does laughing at morbid humor mean your brain is deteriorating? Nope. If you read the article you would find that it is actually laughing at innappropriate times, like a funeral is a sign of dementia. Too many people though only read headlines and not the article.

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That's a great one! I'll have to look that up.

Really, it's a part of content area literacy standards, and I think the people who put the time in to revamping those standards in the last decade were taking into account this very problem.

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I think this harks back to what u/ was saying about how it bugs me when everything is just about sex, status and money. We should be encouraging people to be caring about ethics and accuracy over making money. Maybe I am just too much of an idealist:/