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Female mantises decapitate their mates... just throwing it out there.

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I miss the days when we were speculating that calling a butch woman who carries the babies the code name of a seahorse....

Why do TRAs gotta ruin everything

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Someone: You can’t shed your skin and leave a you-sized hull on the ground behind you.


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Male seahorses do not get pregnant.

  1. The female seahorses lay the eggs.

  2. The male seahorse has a POUCH. Ask any biologist who focuses on mammals why that's an important distinction.

Y'all, get boned up on biology yourselves. Then you can counter these stupid arguments.

Actually I am going to make this its own post.

Someone screamed at me on Twitter one day "IT'S UNETHICAL TO CANNIBALISE YOUR BOYFRIEND!" one word shut them up ... spiders >:)

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Wait, if male seahorses being able to give birth means that human men can give birth... does it also mean we can breather under water?

Fuck me! This is the news I’ve been waiting for all my life!!!

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I THINK this is a troll ... at least I hope it is cos on his feed he's just replying to people who point out that seahorses aren't human with things like 'so you can't deal with debate? BLOCKED!' I mean. lord. I just.

and saying shit like 'but male seahorses get pregnant correct?' and it's like... you used the term MAN. only humans can be men. ughhh these people!!!!

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