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I would say yes, and then put the urinal in a STALL. With a closing DOOR. And require that they close it when using it.

Instant boner kill.

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You know they're not going to close the door to the urinal.

And then this will be a new talking point: how dare you try to control these "women" when all they want to do is pee, and they're in a rush? It's not like they're showing you their "girldick" anyway! Don't look!

This wouldn't surprise me in the least. I've seen biological women make the case that "girldicks" in locker rooms are not a big deal, and if the "girldick" happens to be erect in this locker room, then that's just something that happens sometimes, and out of anyone's control. Get over it!

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Virtually every woman I know who is onboard with trans access to changing rooms has never been sexually assaulted, and are generally pretty naive when it comes to sex anyway. A lot of them have never been in uncomfortable sexual situations and can't understand the big deal of seeing someone's genitals in a place they shouldn't be.