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They say baldness is genetic but I’m really wondering if it’s how long you’re on T.

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oh boy. T makes them all go bald. it's tragic. it's VERY unkind but I call it 'garden gnome syndrome' as they all start to look the same on T after a few years... bald, pube-bearded, puffy, bloated and shiny. beautiful, perfect women just wrecked by that synthetic drug.

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I know this may sound unkind, but Buck Angel is the most apt example for me. She was so gorgeous as a woman. As a man I’m like...what happened?

I do think FTMs often start out quite beautiful, which is part of the allure (I’m sure many women have imagined themselves as attractive men, as well; this can also be part of the allure of cross-dressing, how to look attractive in a dudely way). It’s sad that they don’t realize what a heavy toll the testosterone will take on them in the end.

Jennifer Bilek writes about this well on her 11th hour blog.

well, from a lesbian perspective, it is the unique beauty of gnc or 'masculine' women that is so alluring and desirable. they ARE beautiful. but the rest of the world insists they're not. so they transition.