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We are just a breath away from TIMs demanding urinals being in women's bathrooms.

I wouldn't send that energy out in the Universe.

Isn't that how public unisex restrooms look like: urinals and stalls in one room for both sexes? It's the perfect solution for male convenience, perversion, and sexual misconduct.

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I'm hoping not. Men's bathrooms smell like army latrines. Men can be filthy.

Margaret Cho joked: "If men had periods, their bachelor pads would look like a murder scene."

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My experience in Australia and Edinburgh with unisex toilets was just stalls, no urinals. Thankfully. Male toilets are disgusting and I really don’t need added urinals and penises in my toilets, thank you very much.

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I HATE the meme about how female toilets are more disgusting! It is so patently untrue.

I often went to the men's at parties and clubs, don't give a shit. It was always way more disgusting than the women's, even though we get periods.

Once i was at a university in the US and needed a toilet this instant and i only found the men's. I nearly puked from the stench in there even though it was completely empty! And that at a fancy university!

Oh, OK. I've never actually entered one. I've only seen designs like this where one part of the room was urinals: https://thesocietypages.org/graphicsociology/2009/11/06/a-better-public-bathroom-by-design/

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Haha you had me there in the first half when you said "it's the perfect solution..."