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this is the type of TIF that willingly uses themselves to destroy womanhood so remember her. 1. These TIF's are the ones who say, "men can get pregnant too!" and erase womanhood 2. These TIF's are the ones who say, "it's not female genital mutilation! Men suffer from it too!" and erase the humiliation, suffering and violence done against little girls 3. These TIF's are the ones who say, "men can get periods too!" and distort the messaging to unify women around sex based needs to help each other by striking our heel for every step we take to help form a cohesive effort to alleviate women's suffering.

What i find interesting as a lesbian is, it's interesting how not only can you see massive differences between the men and women who claim to be transexual, but you also notice quite a large difference in psychology between HSTS (homosexual transexuals) and AGP/AAP (heterosexual fetishist transexuals).

Their homosexual counterparts are usually far more reserved and their tactics are to move like a mist through heterosexual spaces most of the time and try and build empathy and make appeals to people's humanity but their heterosexual counterparts move into rooms with baseball bats and narcissistic levels of entitlement they demand be accommodated in the most forceful and dominant tones possible. I guess because the homosexuals know theyre a minority and how to behave as one and to be hyper aware of other people's perceptions of them, letting them be more calculated and these ones are heterosexuals and have no real idea what being a real minority is like so they dont care how badly they "rock the boat".

Here's a small sample i got from LGBdroptheT of how these "gay trans men" truly feel about gay men.


I dont like HSTS people but there's no equivalent to whats in that link from their side.

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They’re also using gender identity as a way to excuse sexism, particularly in the form of online harassment/abuse. I recently experienced this in a Facebook group I’m a part of for collectors - male dominated group, but there are a few active females. One of the members made a sexist comment in a thread — I don’t remember the exact comment, it was made by the group moderator who identifies as a gay man, and it was something along the lines of, “Why are you so upset? Is it time for your period?”

Me: “I guess shitting on women with casual sexism is perfectly acceptable in this group. /s”

Moderator: “Periods aren’t just for women. Men can have periods, too, and you’re the one who is sexist for not acknowledging that.”

This dude made a sexist, anti-female joke, but I somehow became the bad guy in this scenario. This is a very harmful slippery slope that basically excuses men, or whoever, from being held accountable for their casual sexism. When our society erases the important differences between men and women, they can pretend like real, harmful, casual, everyday sexism doesn’t exist anymore. What even is sexism, if we pretend that men and women are the same?