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And why do they try to look like the fugliest men? Huge beard and minimal head hair, 🤮

[–] littleowl12 16 points (+16|-0)

They say baldness is genetic but I’m really wondering if it’s how long you’re on T.

[–] viragoeternal [OP] 27 points (+27|-0)

oh boy. T makes them all go bald. it's tragic. it's VERY unkind but I call it 'garden gnome syndrome' as they all start to look the same on T after a few years... bald, pube-bearded, puffy, bloated and shiny. beautiful, perfect women just wrecked by that synthetic drug.

[–] KBash 7 points (+7|-0) Edited

I know this may sound unkind, but Buck Angel is the most apt example for me. She was so gorgeous as a woman. As a man I’m like...what happened?

I do think FTMs often start out quite beautiful, which is part of the allure (I’m sure many women have imagined themselves as attractive men, as well; this can also be part of the allure of cross-dressing, how to look attractive in a dudely way). It’s sad that they don’t realize what a heavy toll the testosterone will take on them in the end.

Jennifer Bilek writes about this well on her 11th hour blog.

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From what I’ve heard it’s caused by T in TIFs. If there was no other reason to steer clear of it that would be the decider for me, had I ever thought of “transitioning” - give me the men of times past with luxurious long curls!

Hair loss is most commonly a male issue so it's actually very well researched. There are different causes but the main one is a specific enzyme involved in steroid metabolism and it can be stopped by taking an antiandrogen.

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It's genetic in men. It may work differently in women on T.

My dad turns 70 this year, and while his hair has gotten thinner with age, he hasn't had a bald spot really per se.