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on her feed she's talking about how 'even' a cis gay man came for her, but he's not her type anyway so she doesn't care. because it's all about who she wants to fuck of course.

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It's so stunted and sad how so many people think orgasms are the most important thing in life

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It’s also ironic how ideologically sexually driven this movement is considering many trans people are sacrificing their orgasmic ability for life.

It’s almost like seeing sex and sexuality as something you are rather than something you do.

It's not uncommon for AGPs who undergo SRS to lose their sex drive, which diminishes their paraphilia, so they detransition or commit suicide after realizing what they've done to themselves. Yet AGP is taboo among TIMs, and they blame suicides on TERFs. It's a vile cult.

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I think in this case she thinks objectifying people will make her seem more masculine.