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I think it is worth noting that this meme has alt right origins which are sexist toward women. I have seen an increase in Alt-right/white supremacist meme images on this site. They are trying to make this site their own, to discredit us.

Here is the article with the same female image. The girl in this meme is also the "tradwife" cartoon.


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Article seems like a stretch. It’s just a drawing. I have seen that drawing before, I had no idea it was supposed to be a “tradwife.”

The article doesn’t explain how the use of the drawing is spreading alt-right ideas, because how could it? All I’m getting is that the drawing has cooties so don’t touch it. Woke logic!

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No, this isn't "woke logic". you are strangely blasé about a meme with neo-nazi origins.

If the meme in itself is not alt-right, we don't have to worry about the "origins" of the meme I think. Memes are not attached to their creators and so they shouldn't be judged as such.

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It is a direct copy of a Neo-nazi meme, and it signals to people that we are on the side of the Neo-nazis, which we are not. The far left will use it as evidence that we are secretly alt-right; they try to paint us as gender essentialists.

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The content on the meme isn't alt- right. I don't see anything wrong with using wojack templates, when the message is otherwise savoury.

That being said, I'm glad you posted that link because I don't think many people peruse 4chan to know the origin of the template. It's good to be aware.

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Well I do have a problem with people posting neo-nazi propaganda. And I'm shocked by the lack of concern that others on this forum have.