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"Intersex". XX chromosomes and typical female phenotype, correctly observed female at birth, but "gender neutral brain", self diagnosed no doubt. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Also "disabled". Uh-huh, right.

ETA Apparently that's a guy. Wtv man.

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There's such an increase in these people faking disabilities. My ex friend called herself "disabled" because her feet/body hurt after walking a lot like any human being alive in the entire universe. I'm not even exaggerating or kidding. It was pathetic, and gross to watch someone who's 100% able bodied pretend theyre going to be wheelchair confined and can't leave the house. Of course she identified as trans as well. It's just label after label to say "I never take responsibility for any of my actions because it's all my mental and physical illnesses" / to never leave their house or work or do anything ever.