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I'm so fucking tired. Being a lesbian is like the rest of humanity just trying to exhaust the fuck out of you every day.

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Exactly this. I am so sick of having my reality appropriated, twisted, chewed up and regurgitated into meaningless male pandering and fetishism. What hurts me most though is when those who know me and know better, instead of standing up against this stuff and calling it out, say nothing or agree because it's just easier (for them). If ever we needed to to stand together as a sisterhood, it's now.

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Yeah, I have to turn off the part of my brain that gets mad about it or else I wouldn't be able to function. Dating has been an absolute shit show for almost a decade now, and it's only gotten worse when every "queer" event I've tried to go to (especially before peaking) was filled with the most awkward, weird-looking men who would introduce themselves as Emily or Alice or Jade or something weird. If I was lucky, I could find another lesbian in the crowd, but the atmosphere always would feel so "please smile and enjoy yourself, we're TRYING TO BE INCLUSIVE!!" that flirting almost seemed like a hate crime. Anything I could find that had even sort-of-gay women just felt like attending a middle school dance reenactment for adult women and their collection of ugly crossdressing men. I know lesbians exist, I know we're real, and I know we don't like penis, but I have to tell that to myself all the time to stay sane now.