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"Intersex" my ass, I bet they're not. I feel so bad for the intersex people who are the REAL appropriated ones here. They've spoken out so many times only to get trampled over by the T.

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I suspected the same. I’ve heard rumors that PCOS and even certain forms of infertility are now being described by some people as “intersex”.

There’s also the fact that self-diagnosis is basically the shit right now.

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Yes, I have PCOS and I've seen this in the past and it pisses me off so much. Especially since the messed up hormones are just a side effect of the underlying metabolic disorder's effects on the ovaries.

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3/4 of the women in my immediate family have PCOS and I find it laughable that someone might claim there are therefore more intersex people in my immediate family than women by their definition. Nobody can be serious about that. It's pure nonsense.