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I can't agree with that. Mental illness, including suicidality, is not a choice. Major depression and other mental disorders are deadly, treatment doesn't always work (and some anti-depressants even INCREASE the risk of suicide), and suicide is a result of that illness. I'm very sorry you lost a family member to suicide.

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From the perspective of someone who has attempted suicide, I have to disagree with you here. The depression and anxiety I was experiencing may not have been within my control but the decision to try to kill myself was just that, a decision. If suicide were an inevitable thing for people who are distressed, how can you possibly help them? Yes certain treatments may not help and can in fact make the urge to kill oneself greater, but the desire to die is very different than the active decision to kill yourself. That is why depressed people, as well as gender dysphoric people, need a healthy balance of therapy (that does not couch reality to them) and a supportive network of friends and family who do the same.

We can have sympathy for people who are struggling with suicide without pretending it poses the same immediate threat to one's life that lack of insulin does to a type I diabetic or someone battling breast cancer.