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There was an episode of Orange is the New Black where Laverne Cox's character is running around trying to get birth control or estrogen off women around the prison because they denied his normal estrogen prescription (I don't remember why, it seemed contrived). At the time I kept thinking, this seems nuts. You won't die? You chopped off your nuts so you're not producing testosterone anymore, but your body still produces hormones from other sources, just not the ones you want? The only way you'll die is if you kill yourself, so just...don't kill yourself. All of this is self inflicted.

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As I recall the whole panic was that Sophia would lose his girlish looks...

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Damn that was another pre-peak peak moment. I remember the scenes of him pressuring his wife to smuggle hormone pills into prison for him, and her angrily refusing to risk it just so he could keep his “lady curves”. I remember thinking... f this guy. It was so selfish on its face and the over-the-top suffering acting he was doing really rubbed me the wrong way. Facial hair isn’t life threatening and it’s wrong to hold everyone in your life hostage with suicide threats.

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The sparse scenes with his wife were prime trans widowhood content, and it seemed to whoosh over even the heads of those who wrote her

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I’ll never understand how so many transgender people, especially children, are allowed to threaten suicide with no repercussions. They’re supposed to do a mandatory psychiatric hold in an inpatient facility for people who express suicidal ideation. I guess like everything else the regular rules do not apply to trans people.