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I'll extend this claim to surgery.

When trans people say their confirmation surgeries are "lifesaving" it's an ableist insult. Many of us would be dead without critically necessary, literally life-saving invasive surgery. These procedures are expensive, risky, and have long recovery arcs, and we would not be here without them.

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I remember a group of 'non-binary' women and 'trans men' were complaining about the wait-list for mastectomies because preference was given to women who had breast cancer. They were saying the same thing about being denied lifesaving medical care. I already knew they were a self-centered bunch, but my jaw was on the floor at that.

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I saw a TiM (from England, I think) post this on Twitter. He was called out for it, but he never backed down! It was like watching a sociopath in real time!

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Abigail Thorn? The Princess of Terf Island who ate Contrapoints while they were still alive and skinned her face off to wear as a mask? That English TIM?