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If someone has extremely bad gender dysphoria, I'm sure that medicially transitioning might save their life, but those cases are extremely rare.

But gender dysphoria != trans.

Basically anyone can claim the trans label and get some instant 'vulnerable' status.

Also gender dysphoria isn't even classified as a mental illness at this point, the world health org classifies it as something like sexual dysfunction.

So the claim is just wild.

How on earth is Gender Dysphoria not a mental illness?

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The DSM is a political document. Mass shooter rage is not a mental illness, codependency is. Guess which sex is most likely to experience either.

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I'm adding this topic to my "future threads I want to see or make" pile - the concept of "codependency" deserves critical analysis and discussion, especially from a feminist perspective.

It is. It always has been. But you can't push for civil rights for a group whose only common thread is that they have a mental illness.

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Because they have connections in the WHO.

Time from 2019: "In several countries around the world, the process of medically transitioning gender is based on the now-outdated ICD framework, which classifies being transgender as a “gender identity disorder” under the category of “mental disorders.” In Japan for example, the law requires those seeking to transition gender to have a diagnosis of “gender identity disorder” and to be sterilized before their new gender identity can be reflected on official documentation. U.N. member states, of which Japan is one, are now responsible for putting ICD-11 into practice at a national level, a lengthy process that has been given a target deadline of January 1, 2022."