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I saw a TiM (from England, I think) post this on Twitter. He was called out for it, but he never backed down! It was like watching a sociopath in real time!

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Abigail Thorn? The Princess of Terf Island who ate Contrapoints while they were still alive and skinned her face off to wear as a mask? That English TIM?

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I’m not sure ... but I don’t think so? Thorne is the philosophy tube TiM, isn’t he? I’ve never watched Philosophy Tube, but the Twitter TiM did not seem very smart or educated, although he was an “activist” of sorts, or so I gathered from his Twitter feed.

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the Twitter TiM did not seem very smart or educated

To be fair, neither does Thorn! He just makes long videos, which people think means he knows what he's talking about.