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I agree completely, and also with surgeries that improve quality of life. Plenty of people can't function without joint replacement, for example, yet we're led to believe that trans surgery is more important than someone's well being and ability to work and participate in activities they love. Because of course, these people would kill themselves and people in excruciating pain are just not important.

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Mobility is a hugely important health issue -- the ability to move safely, perform activities of daily living, transfer in/out of a wheelchair (if possible). And, like you said, effective pain management -- also hugely important. There should be no argument about the priority these issues already have in healthcare.

And yet, here we are.

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Hah! I wish it was important to the medical industry. They brush off my inability to walk properly with disturbing ease.

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Just do more yoga! Just be ok with your joints slipping! Just stop complaining you uppity women! Don’t you know we have Men who need to complain over a hangnail!