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If someone has extremely bad gender dysphoria, I'm sure that medicially transitioning might save their life, but those cases are extremely rare.

But gender dysphoria != trans.

Basically anyone can claim the trans label and get some instant 'vulnerable' status.

Also gender dysphoria isn't even classified as a mental illness at this point, the world health org classifies it as something like sexual dysfunction.

So the claim is just wild.

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IMO "gender dysphoria" makes no sense. It's about the same as me wishing I was 6ft tall and getting painfully upset that I'm not. And I suspect that I experience forms of "gender dysphoria" on a regular basis. I just deal with it. For example, was at the grocery earlier and the young woman ahead of me had on really tight pants. She had a nice rear that was on full view given how tight the pants were, but point is that this type of things makes me extremely uncomfortable because I personally do not wish to be viewed as a sex object, so there's no f*cking way in a million years I'd wear something like that. And it makes me uncomfortable to the point that I'm uncomfortable when other women do it, and makes me want to crawl even further into the baggy men's clothes that I prefer.

But, I certainly would never tell her that or expect her to change so that I could be more comfortable. I am not going to literally die because the girl at the shop had on hot pants. Nor am I going to allow myself to become so dissociated or uncomfortable with my female body that I would want to start chopping bits off. Because that would be insane. I'm a woman, and I'll never be 6ft tall. It is what it is, and all in all I'm super happy and thankful that I don't suffer from anything like type 1 diabetes. These people need to get over themselves, 9 out of 10 of them will regret it in the end (just my opinion).