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Like with my old r/trollgc I try to host a bunch of stuff that wouldn’t fit elsewhere. I’ve hosted other detrans stuff like this https://ovarit.com/o/Radfemmery/3089/from-a-women-who-desisted. She was a mutual long ago and with all our detrans sisters, nieces, friends I hope the best for them, I want them comforted and listened to

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Maybe there should be a o/detrans section?

We have a detrans circle for women who have desisted or detransed. It is only for those women tho, just like o/lesbians is just for lesbians.

My meme circle hosts not just memes but screenshots so it fits here too.

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I don't see it from the drop down menu? Is it private?'

ETA - I found the list of all the sections, nevermind.