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The trans movement really downplays how traumatizing it can be to recover from surgery and then see your body full of scars for the rest of your life.

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And transcult would say they were never trans so it doesn't count. Madness

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I was confused why this was in Radfemmery since we normally make T the butt of jokes here, and then decided not to think too much. The poor girl, I hope she finds peace with herself.

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Like with my old r/trollgc I try to host a bunch of stuff that wouldn’t fit elsewhere. I’ve hosted other detrans stuff like this https://ovarit.com/o/Radfemmery/3089/from-a-women-who-desisted. She was a mutual long ago and with all our detrans sisters, nieces, friends I hope the best for them, I want them comforted and listened to

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Maybe there should be a o/detrans section?

We have a detrans circle for women who have desisted or detransed. It is only for those women tho, just like o/lesbians is just for lesbians.

My meme circle hosts not just memes but screenshots so it fits here too.

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I remember some years ago when Angelina Jolie had a preventative double mastectomy because she is genetically predisposed for cancer. She was described as hysterical and irrational (and the women who se inspired to get tested as foolish) for mutilating her body because she was in high risk of a serious illness.

Yet most people seem fine with young girls having their breasts cut off because they want to be treated like human beings...

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Maybe we traveled in different circles but everyone I heard speak on it said Jolie was making a reasonable decision.

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What's even more ironic (and sad) is that those same assholes who called Jolie hysterical for removing her breasts due to cancer risk are clamoring for her tomboy daughter Shiloh to come out as a trans-boy and have the same surgery

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Predatory adults who are pushing this nonsense are doing this to our youth. This hurts my heart to see happening.

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Predatory surgeons and doctors looking for “willing” test subjects is what it is frankly. Just cuz one is a doctor doesn’t mean one is morally doing good. We’ve had too many instances where they definitely DO harm.

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I am so sorry to anyone going through this. You were a kid, and it wasn't your fault. You don't ever have to be ashamed of your body, no matter what adults did to it. You are a survivor of something horrible and there are more and more people learning to recognize that.

Wish I could pin your comment, but even on Reddit we mods couldn’t pin user comments. There’s Truth and Empathy in your comment and thank you for writing it.

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This makes me so sad. No one listens to us women sharing the reality of transitioning and all of this and then we have young people ending up like this, and they wish they listened, but now it's far too late. Her body is scarred for life. I hope she's able to find happiness and comfort somehow.

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Same. My heart goes out to her. I hope she has comfort and joy in life, I hope she has friends and family who will listen to her anger and sorrow, her highs and lows, I hope the best for her.