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They're so fucking creepy. Damn furries and other kin(thanks for anon ovarit user who told me this is a thing🙃)...🤢

[–] [Deleted] 15 points (+15|-0)

To be fair, I would react that way to a furry too.

I don't care what your kink is (as long as it's legal), just don't include me. I don't consent to being a part in that.

I think we should draw the line a bit more restrictive than what is currently legal, but your point is well taken.

[–] [Deleted] 6 points (+7|-1)

Oh, agreed! To me legal = consenting human adults.

But I'm not consenting to having furries or people do their kink plays in public around me. They should keep that stuff inside their own homes.

[–] Riothamus scrote 7 points (+7|-0)

I think the furry fetish started as a way for unfuckable men to have sex with one another without admitting they were engaging in homosexual activities.

I mean, it still is a way for unfuckable men to have sex with one another without admitting they were engaging in homosexual activities- but it started that way, too!

[–] KBash 12 points (+12|-0)

Is that a woman tugging on her urinary leash?

[–] somegenerichandle [OP] 2 points (+3|-1) Edited

I did kind of wonder if i should be labelling the dog a woman with how derogatory calling women animals is. What is the analogic to urinary leash i wonder.... wedding ring?

[–] KBash 7 points (+7|-0)

Oh no I think it’s fine, I was just making a joke. They all think we are b-slurs anyway, who deserve the urinary leash.

There’s no analogy necessary- the urinary leash is back! Now that boys and men can enter girls’ and women’s restrooms, there will be girls and women who will curtail their movements in public as a result.

I’m thinking we should become faux-TRAs and do some ironic campaigns while claiming bewilderment on how we’re hurting their cause. We could start with “bring back the urinary leash!”

“If your feminism involves telling trans women they can’t come into your bathroom when they just need to pee, then you belong in the doghouse” (picture of female dog on leash being forcibly crated)

Hashtag “bring back the urinary leash”

Let’s go full-on woman hater for their side on a troll account, see what happens! 🤣

I think a lot of them do a good enough job trolling people into peaking on their own considering some conversations i've seen. But, that's a funny campaign and i can picture some Peanuts graphics of the poor creature. Just in case you don't know, there were things called female urinals that i came across while reading the historian Barbara Penner. They were basically glass jars that women used while they were out before the advent of public female washrooms.

[–] yarnfiend13 8 points (+8|-0)

seeing this one day after I saw a trans ally youtuber defend furries on twitter lmao

It was recently posted in r/memetemplatesofficial, but that's very deja vu! I think a lot of us have noticed the overlap int he communities, which i think adds to it.

What do you think that person watching this should be labelled?

[–] KBash 6 points (+6|-0)

She looks slightly disturbed but mostly amused, like the amusement is winning out, so “leftie men?” “Democrats?” “Liberals?” She doesn’t look like she’s cheering on the creepy puppet enough to label her “handmaidens, liberal feminists” or “TRAs.”

MRAs understand the alarm and are also mainly amused.

Maybe label her “anti-feminists”?

I did fleetingly think libfem too, but i really like your idea that it's an anti-feminist. They maybe would have the attitude "serves her right" assuming that libfems were hypocrites when they believe TWAW.

Is that a furry or some so-called street entertainer, I wonder? Either way it should stay the fuck away from that poor dog.