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So true.

People were HORRID to Britney Spears. All I saw was a desperate girl. In retrospect, I'm sure she was likely molested in her youth, as many child stars are, then given zero choices as to what to do/wear/say for years.

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This is how I've always felt. Britney is a tragic example of how vile the entertainment industry is to women, especially women who grew up in it.

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Even if she was never molested or raped, the media hyper-fixated on her sexuality (and when she would lose her virginity) since she was a child. And then her first boyfriend aired private details about their sex life after they broke up and the media painted her as a cheating s!ut. That would fuck anybody up! And then, on top of ALL that, she was relentlessly stalked & harassed by paparazzi while going through a rough divorce and custody battle. And then her shitbag father manipulated the courts to get control of her money & life.

Its honestly a miracle she has an ounce of sanity left!