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“Not every trans person transitions! Transition is not right for every trans person!” But also the same group of people, “Put your child on puberty blockers immediately, give them cross sex hormones as soon as possible. Transition your “trans” child or it’s child abuse”

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There is literally no point to calling yourself trans. Anyone can wear anything, show off any body part, pursue any career, and engage in any hobbies without it meaning a damn thing about their sex. Just exist in your body and do something better with your life.

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Which is what we've always said. It's OK for dudes to wear dresses. It's OK for women to wear flannel. Yet, here we are. It's like they're going full circle on their own BS.

do something better with your life

These people are too busy navel gazing to do anything meaningful with their time/lives.

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Well I’m definitely in favour of people being happy with their bodies, but it does show how completely meaningless the term “trans” is now.

Is it for people with dysphoria? Sometimes, except when it’s not. Is it for for people who want to be the opposite sex? Sometimes. What do all trans people have in common? Even one characteristic would be enough for a definition, but there don’t seem to be any.

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It is someone who has no dysphoria but wants to be trans anyways in order to treat women and men like costumes.

Maybe they want cosmetic surgery to mix and match.

Maybe they are just treating it as a special identity.

Who knows? Because they treat men, women, and everything as arbitrary labels with no inherent meaning except for the personal feelings they associate with it.

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Maybe they are using it as a way to invade women's spaces to cause more assaults

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So... what is trans then?

Nonexistent. Lies, fetishes, the sign of having no personality and no life.

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This phrase "__ are allowed to __" always strikes me as SO childish. It really reminds me of how young children learn to boss each other around. Adults don't describe themselves as being "allowed" to do stuff. Even if it's the case, they use different verbs.

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if you don't hate your body then why do you want to cosplay as the opposite sex?

Misogyny! Internalised with TIFs and bog-standard male hatred of women with TIMs.

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I'm all for gender bending but I don't get the point of saying you're "butch" if you are a male saying you're trans or a feminine man if you are a trans female. The whole FTM feminity sub that was posted a few days ago was super cringe. Like how does cosplaying as a feminine male work if you're actually female? I super don't get it.

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You ever see the comedy movie Tropic Thunder? The dude plays a guy disguised as a dude in another race. Sorry I'm not describing it well.

Or on the tv show Community when Chang was Jeff's understudy for the dean, when they are filming the Greendale commercial, so he (Ken jeong) wore a bald cap over his blond wig.

It's like inception with identities from spending too much time in your own head

It’s a cretinous little tool who’s just further proof that “trans” is bullshit from go to whoa.

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Then why the fuck are you trans. Just say you want attention and gtfo...

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