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This is very similar to what they used to do to lesbian subreddits before they all got shut down and overtaken by AGP transbians and what they actively do now to gay subreddits. I'm on LGBdroptheT on saidit and have seen links very similar to how they police lesbians on the gay subs. It starts with a question to instigate them: "would you ever date a trans person with no surgery or hasnt taken any testosterone and JUST identifies as the opposite "gender" (notice, not sex). The gays/lesbians say, "im sorry but i dont think being gay is a social identity. we're homosexuals. The moderators then put a special warning on the post and the exact phrasing was: "ANYTHING other than genital preference is transphobic and is unacceptable. we dont tolerate hatred here". So then a lot of comments get deleted and all you have, comment after comment is this hilarious, obsequious almost slave like apology of their homosexuality because EVERY.SINGLE.COMMENT was "im sorry, but my "genital preferences" is a barrier".

So, you're not allowed to state that no, you're a homosexual and cant have sex with these people. You're only allowed to say "i have a genital preference" instead of saying you also have a problem with who the dick is attached to (a whole god damn man in a wig) and then all over twitter concerning gays and lesbians, they call us "genital fetishists" "obsessed with vaginas/dicks" and cant get over our "genital preferences" because we're obsessed with genitals (and apparently theyre not). So they force you to give them a specific answer and when you say that the premise itself is homophobic, they laugh and call you crazy and that those inferences wouldnt be drawn (that we're genital fetishists) and that we're too paranoid, transphobic and crazy...and the second we bow down and just say we have a "genital preference", suddenly 90% of transexual twitter is filled with "haha...these sick dirty homosexuals are obsessed with their genital fetishes and arent capable of love, romance or proper relationships". I cant stand these people.

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So disgusting. How can anyone not see how homophobic transgenderism is?????

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it would originally meant as the first form of eugenics to "fix" gay people. they saw them as "inverted" people because their heads would explode even trying to understand what homosexuality is. when gays and lesbians finally created their community and a culture where they sacrificed, worked hard and humbled themselves to to build the foundations, they finally stopped being seen as "girls inside guy's bodies and guys inside girl's bodies". before the gay civil rights movement, it was a gigantic homophobic shit show of transexualism. now that they finally get 5 minutes of rest to be alone, it's interrupted by a flood of straight men who FEEEEEL like lesbians harassing them over this and TIF's calling gay teenagers FGGTS for not being attracted to women.

the way the community has been invaded where every single person knows what the other is thinking but theyre not saying anything and being heavily censored is beyond strange to me as a lesbian. even gay men secretly complain but how in god's name did this turn into a bigger stigma than homophobia, racism, misogyny and antisemitism all put together to the point where we could lose our jobs over this? IN OUR OWN COMMUNITY. There's a post somewhere on here of a straight "lesbian" man who found out there's a lesbian group that just meets with each other and it's just a typical lesbian get together. i know some people who go there and was surprised that the straight "lesbian" man looked it up; im guessing for validation? He went on reddit to complain because he noticed a particular type of wording. It said "lesbians-female sex only please" and the level of rage and anger he expressed, the encouragement to "find them", look up who goes there and see if they can get fired from their jobs. He had an entire community of people behind him as if he found a group of nazis to expose. Jesus. I had to share the post with them and they took the group notifications down from their facebook post and now have to meet in secret....to drink tea and talk and have fun.

They feel emboldened because a lot of heterosexuals (and some bisexuals) support them. You'll see so many examples here. One was an account of a bisexual woman who goes to medical school and i guess just gravitated towards some lesbian and gay students. The class was being introduced to "transgenderism" and they felt confident enough to tell the instructor they didnt think it was appropriate to push social identities and transgenderism with homosexual/bisexual needs. They claimed one group was about sexual orientation and the other about gender. The entire class filled with heterosexuals shunned them as if they werent qualified to graduate for bringing this up. Clueless straight people lecturing LGB people on their own issues. It's the cluelessness of heterosexuals which makes LGB people vulnerable and emboldens these transexuals.

And i know the overwhelming majority of straight people have absolutely ZERO understanding that the overwhelming majority, over 95% of transexuals are straight men and some straight women. They genuinely sympathize with them because they feel guilty and think theyre damaged, vulnerable and confused gay boys. The AGP straight men are smart to keep that mask on. They know heterosexuals would spit their drinks out if they genuinely understood these are straight men. Even gays and lesbians took such a long time to truly understand this so it would probably take straight people even longer. It's guilt for homophobia and lots of misplaced sympathy they benefit from.

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TRAs: We are boycotting this organization because they had a transphobic author speak.

Me: What did she say that was transphobic?

TRAs: All sorts of horrible bigoted things.

Me: What exactly?

TRAs: Trust us, you don’t want to know.

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I do this when people say that JK Rowling is transphobic, and no one has been able to give me a coherent reply. And, at least in the US, it speaks to our utter lack of critical thinking skills: If your idea falls apart at the first hint of scrutiny, maybe you shouldn't believe it in the first place.

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This is sadly so accurate. Any deviation from their approved terms and thoughts, even if you've been an active and unfailing ally, and you'll be easily considered transphobic. You can't question anything. Thinking for yourself is not allowed. Even after apologizing, the mere fact that you had an opposing thought is grounds for expulsion due to heresy. It's such a cult.

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So true. I really wanted to be a good ally. But I couldn't get on board with child transition. 5 or 6 years ago, it was normal to believe transition should be restricted to adults. Now it makes you an evil transphobe.

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Even this is too generous to them!

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Exactly! More like "Shut up!" then they slap duct tape over your mouth, spin you around, and kick you in the rear to eject you from any room they're in.