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The section on gender identity makes sense, great.

The section on sex not so much. Is this the official stance now, that wearing a binder changes your body’s immune response?

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Could you imagine how revolutionary that would be? But alas.

Edit: I just saw Galko's comment, so I think I misunderstood your comment as wearing a binder makes you get a man's immune response.

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Actually, wearing a binder restricts breathing and can damage the lungs and/or ribs. So it could impact the immune response if some poor TIF caught COVID or any other respiratory illness

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I can see two things regarding if that's important, and maybe three.

If the NB really is into binding and all that, it will restrict the immune system - a biological woman has important lymph nodes around the breasts, that are very unhappy to be mushed all the time. (One of the arguments against bras for more than a few hours a day.) Since the shot is in the arm muscle, the proximity of especially tight binding could change the way blood flows, especially if it's bound tight high in the arm pit. That's a big deal.

Could be easier to throw out the tracking data if someone claims to be NB than try to figure out which category.

In blue states, such as mine, they consider trans to be an under served community in need of tracking. I posted a rant about how my state has said they were going to send shots to trans before me, as someone with immune problems. Ironically, they ended up more or less following POTUS recommendations in March instead.

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(One of the arguments against bras for more than a few hours a day.)

There is absolutely zero evidence that bras affect the lymph nodes to cause cancer, and yet somehow it gets repeated over and over. Here is a blog that explains why this hyopthesis doesn't hold up, including links to primary sources. Women have enough BS to worry about in their lives, nobody should go around thinking their bra might cause them an untimely death.

Binders, on the other hand, are a diferent beast entirely.

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I didn't say anything about cancer? I just said restricting lymph nodes is bad for the immune system. As they are part of waste management, they are definitely bad to restrict.

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that bras restrict lymph nodes. At all.

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Count your blessings they at least separated sex and gender identity (well, almost). On mine I had to record my “gender identity” as female. So unbelievably negligent to pretend sex doesn’t matter.

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Lordy. I was about to do my "it's actually okay to ask both sex and gender identity because it's better than only asking one and getting wrong sex information" speech until I realized that non binary was an option to choose for sex. Headdesk