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Teenagers exist in the frustrating threshold between childhood and adulthood. They crave independence and respect but don't yet have the life experience to justify it. What could possibly appeal more to a teenager than ascribing to an ideology that grants you your own personal army of twitter mobs, the medical industry, corporations, the entire political left, huge tech companies, and more?

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The teenage years are a nightmare for many of us. We rebel against the unfairness of life, how awful other people are, and sometimes we loathe ourselves because of our self-perceived imperfections, but we usually come out the other end accepting of ourselves and others. Kids who transition hate their bodies and destroy them before they have a chance to mature into accepting their flaws.

Detransitioners come out the other side with permanent changes to their bodies that are way worse than the minor imperfections they originally hated about themselves but many grow to accept these major changes as a part of the road they had to travel to get to where they are today. They were at war with themselves and now accept their altered bodies and the new challenges they pose. They see them as battle scars they earned to become themselves. I'm sure they regret what they have done but with maturity they learn to embrace their new bodies (there is no point in denying the reality of what they have done) when their immature selves couldn't accept the perfectly healthy bodies they had to begin with.

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who made this?

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This was a couple years back when I was radfemming it up on tumblr. I'm not sure anymore alas, but she had poignant stills like this up she freely let people share.

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Heh, so TIMs don't just want to dress like teenagers even when they're 70, they want to act like them too. The sheer selfishness of Wachowski in that profile was similarly staggering.

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wait BOTH of them are TIMs? I thought just one! what rock have I been living under?

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One of them transitioned a few years ago but the second only did recently and now they're trying to make everyone believe that the Matrix was a trans analogy. And some Netflix rep was tweeting like crazy the other day transplaining the Matrix non stop and even calling out people who objected if I remember correctly. It was actually quite an entertaining shitshow. Look it up. 😂

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I, thankfully, never got anything trans out of the Matrix, and still love it. I owe my love of Drum & Bass to it (the soundtrack was dope)

It is so ridiculous. They insist it's so clearly and obviously a metaphor for the trans experience, but have next to nothing that justifies that claim. They say it's cause Neo changed his name (apparently only trans people do this) and then finds his "real self" online, as in IN THE MATRIX, which is realer than his other life. Which is, by most, people's reading the opposite of what the story was actually about. I swear. It's like they hadn't actually seen the movie. Let alone made it. Do all the hormones mess with cognitive abilities? All their reasons were exactly as nonsensical and shoehorned as the entire trans ideology.

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I imagine they had impressive minds to create The Matrix. How tragic that they’re crumbling into self-obsession and defacing their own work.

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I thought a TIM made that. oh right, TIMs will never admit this lol

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Well you have Miranda Yardley who's spoken alongside women, notably about AGP if I remember correctly.

All hope isn't lost it seems.

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Ooh thanks will look him up

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He got banned off twitter (i believe for 'misgendering' himself) but his blog is here. He's written a starter here.

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Great points.

And the woke favorite “unlearning” used constructively, wow.