It took American women over a century to get the vote. In under a decade, men have been able to push their way into women's sports, shelters, prisons, scholarships, awards, competitions, support groups, and job openings.

This stuff is so depressing... how do you not feel hopeless thinking about it :(

There's always the fantasy of starting a convent for women who are just so sick of this shit.

Even if you did in about 5 minutes there would be a campaign to let some TIM gain access because they can't stand us having anything for ourselves, not even our bodies which they also demand access to.

I'm oppressed.

Literally has all levels of government, health sciences, and education on their side

TRAs always confuse individual harassment with systematic oppression. Are many people (well, let's be honest, men) "transphobic" because they're actually misognyists and homophobes who can't deal with the idea of someone being gay, a man being a "sissy" and a woman being too "mannish"? Yep. Are trans people institutionally oppressed for being trans? Definitely not. At least not in the way they claim to be (in my book, "gender-affirming care" borders on medical malpractice, but they don't see it that way...) The fact that trans people successfully campaigned for representation, drastic changes to language, exclusion and harrassment of anyone suspected to be a "TERF" on many big social media platforms, and accessibility of hormones and surgeries, all in a relatively short amount of time, shows how much institutional backing they do have. It has come so far that TRAs claim oppression over not being prioritized all the time and especially when they're not prioritized over women. That's their idea of oppression. Fuck breast cancer patients, we need shorter waiting lists for our "life saving" hormones. Fuck "vagina fetishists", we want to have sex with "cis" lesbians and we want it now. Fuck any online space where women gather, we need to be centered everywhere otherwise we will kill ourselves. Nothing but bullying and blackmail. Actual safety concerns come last, as evidenced by the fact that trans activism largely revolves around trans "women", their fetishes and imagined suffering from "transmisogyny" and not the sex-based oppression that trans "men" actually face.