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I admin a certain similarly named group and had a recent run-in with a TIM who wanted to join the group but first he felt it necessary to lecture me about how inappropriate the group name was because it disparaged men. Then he blathered on for about three paragraphs mansplaining why it was so important to treat men with the respect "we women" want in return.

Dude, I am not reading all that -- women post their trauma in that group. They share screenshots of nasty things violent men have sent them. They share horrible stories of things abusive men have done. It started as a shit-posting group but grew into something much more, and while there's a definite libfem bent to the group (I'm not the sole admin, so that's pretty much out of my control), it's still a safe space for women. WOMEN. Not men larping as women. And I will keep it that way come hell or high water.

Needless to say, I not only refused his request but blocked him from ever requesting again. Ain't nobody got time for that.

If he’s a woman, why does it rustle his jimmies so much when women “disrespect men”?? If they were women, they’d be able to identity with the female victims and not automatically side with male perpetrators.

These males always tip their hand that they don’t even believe that TWAW shit themselves.

Yup, I've literally never seen a TiM NOT instinctively side with the perpetrator. They tell on themselves constantly.

I need more admins like you on Facebook. So many of my female spaces have been overrun by people like this.