[–] sealwomyn [OP] 25 points (+25|-0)

I stole this meme from Tumblr and can say I am very tired of seeing new redesigns by begendered heterosexuals every year on ye olde hellsite.

[–] Jellyfishes 20 points (+20|-0)

The striped ones always feel like cheap recolors, the labrys one is so much more creative.

[–] LasagnaRossa 14 points (+14|-0)

I've always rolled my eyes that the gay one is man-color-coded and the lesbian one is girl-color-coded.

The rainbow is less sexist and covers anyone, precisely because it has all colors.

[–] Roseelesbian 10 points (+10|-0) Edited

Notice how they always use colors relating to stereotypical gender roles? The rainbow and labrys are much more unique and creative. They actually mean something. They weren't just manufactured on Tumblr by someone pumping out flags for new sexualities/genders every week.

[–] ladybrainhaver 10 points (+10|-0)

At least they let us know who to avoid at pride. If I saw a woman with a labrys flag I'd know she was chill. I'd wear one myself if I wasn't so afraid of being spotted in a TERF dogwhistle by someone I know!

[–] sealwomyn [OP] 2 points (+2|-0)

I wear one and have met some lesbian friends by complimenting theirs! Your run of the mill right-wing homophobes don't notice it but if gender havers happen to notice, well I can only take pride in invalidating TIMs without even having to interact with them.

[–] Whatshername 1 points (+1|-0)

I've seen the flag used by both tw and "trans-inclusive" lesbians unfortunately

[–] Tilak 7 points (+7|-0)

I support BLM but could not understand too adding brown and black stripes (which I mean makes it into an ugly flag and no longer a rainbow). why the rainbow was supposed to be exclusive of every non white person. It was supposed to be a symbol, not a flag, of diversity within a group.. an unnamed but recognized diversity.

I have always found the black and brown stripes tacked on to the rainbow flag to be super othering. The rainbow represents same sex attraction from all walks of life. It always made more sense to layer another symbol on top of the rainbow flag, such as the raised first, if you wanted to highlight additional facets of someone's life.

[–] Amareldys 4 points (+4|-0)

Not only that, but by constantly changing the flags outsiders don't know what they mean anymore, and it becomes pretty worthless as a symbol

[–] JimminyCricket 4 points (+11|-7)

I feel like the "lesbian flag" was a massive mistake. The rainbow flag was for a homosexual community and for homosexual rights. When the lesbian flag was used, it gave legitimacy to the 900000 other garbage flags that were more about personal identification and narcissism than anything else. Now you have straight people who identify as "sapiosexual" with their own flag and own "group" that use the homosexual civil rights movement for legitimacy and talking about how theyre seriously just or almost as oppressed as lesbians and we need to sympathize with them. Obviously people outside the lesbian community would see this as insane as it is but when you see young lesbians being made to "respect" these identities and put in a corner to be lectured to by the 900 other letters, then it just seems like a mistake.

It's also driven a wedge between us and gay men that the other letters love to exploit which just gets in the way of addressing serious issues like homophobia. Homophobia is an actual serious legitimate topic that's very complex to discuss, but just so everyone is aware here the 900 other letters all just turned it into a formula: Sapiosexual...sapiosexual flag...sapiosexual people...and if you have a problem with that, you're sapiophobic. And all sapiosexual means is that you're turned on by smart people. Asexual...asexual flag..asexual people...and you're ace-a-phobic and oppressed by lesbians and gays if you're not recognized by them and will spend all your online life slandering them for oppressing you for not interacting with you.

I'm all for removing the lesbian flag if it means all the 900 other flags burn along with it and the rainbow one remains.

[–] sealwomyn [OP] 9 points (+10|-1)

I love the Labrys symbol and think it sounds pretty unfair to blame the lesbian activists who wanted to center lesbians for a bunch of straight entryism and outside pressures. I mean it is facts that we face both homophobia and misogyny and gay men don't, whereas the special straight oppressions are made up, and homophobic, as you said.... I'm surprised to see this comparison. Is this history something you had personal experience with? I would be interested in hearing more if so... I often see the Labrys on second-wave era lesbian books and art too and enjoy wearing it because lesbians will know what it means and no one else will, lol, plus enjoy that begendered entities think it is "terfy" so this is the first time I've met a lesbian who took issue with it. (Aside from discourse about the triangle or eurocentrism lol)

[–] MenHaveItEasy 4 points (+4|-0)

Please correct me if Im wrong.

Im wondering if this flag was related to female separatism due to sexism in the gay community? Ive read that even though the men were homosexual like the women, they were still men first and many were either sexist or did not care much about the issues lesbians dealt with for being women. Then the AIDS epidemic hit, and the lesbian separatists put aside the issue of sexism in the gay community to have a better shot at fighting the disease together.

[–] JimminyCricket -4 points (+0|-4) Edited

The gay men weren't really sexist in the way most people use that term. They just saw themselves as homosexuals and didnt understand why the lesbians didnt just see themselves as JUST homosexuals as well. I dont really like intersectionalism but the gay males never saw themselves as "men". They just saw themselves as homosexuals and were very confused as to why lesbians were concerning themselves with "heterosexual matters" as if we're women. They wouldnt admit this publicly but i just feel like they were blind to the fact that yes, we're homosexuals just like they are but we're homosexuals that happen to be stuck in the bodies of women and that creates other barriers. Our womanhood was just invisible to them. The gay males resented lesbians because they felt they did all the work advocating for homosexual rights and felt that we squandered all our energy "carrying water" for heterosexuals and their causes like abortion rights, domestic abuse between heterosexuals, and every other issue.

We tend to deal more with misogyny from the heterosexual world since we dont end up protected by any male privilege through a male partner but gay men tend to deal with the violent parts of homophobia. In saudi arabia and iran, gay men are just executed in highly patriarchal societies whereas lesbians are just a theory or something to be laughed at since there are no real laws to even deal with homosexuality within women since we're just considered sex objects that sexual desires are inflicted on to rather than sexual beings.

We have our narratives against them and they have their narratives against them but got over it because the homophobia was overwhelming and that's what caused the reunification. We still resent each other but that might just be the older generations. But this bickering is within the dynamic of political siblings and their infighting. The female separatism was a mistake since we cant exactly disconnect from gay males as homosexuals politically so we learn to get along. This issue isnt as big as most people make it out to be and it's less dramatic than people think it really is.

[–] Tnetennba 4 points (+4|-0) Edited

It's weird you consistently prioritize gay men when they refuse to return the favor towards lesbians.

Prioritizing gay men is still putting men above women in all your thoughts and actions.

Edit: if anyone thinks I'm being too harsh, please look at her post history. She nearly always derails posts to prioritize and discuss gay men.