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Preach. It's the same as "assigned female at birth" or "designated female at birth." Clearly people who use those terms recognize the need to have a way to talk about female humans. They just prefer a wordy, jargon-y approach, whereas I prefer to use plain language. We don't disagree on our goals.

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Beautifully put together. Concise, but specific. I'm definitely sharing this one with fence sitters.

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When I first came to hear about the trans take over I found it jarring to read so many GC feminists talking about “female people” instead of women. Why were they doing that?

Totally made me think of the dad in the comedy Friday Night Dinner who found the word woman too uncomfortable to say.

What happened by conceding the word woman? TIMs claimed to be female. It will never end. They’ll just keep taking.

Woman is the best word, we are women. We need this word, we must not excise it from our vocabulary. We must not allow it to become once again unsayable as it was in the past when we (in the UK at least) were taught to say “lady” because there was something somehow shameful or offensive about the word woman.

Clarity in communication is important.