Some context: Ben was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 this morning. Ben's segment was a complete car crash and probably encouraged a lot of GC ideas to blossom into giant mega sunflowers among Radio 4's breakfast demographic.

If you enjoy observing burning wreckages, you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUUdhe6GdPA

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Oh, now you've made me feel bad for him :(

Edit: also, I have now watched/listened to Courage2courage's link. My God, that was amazing. They really can't cope with conversations outside their spaces, can they?

And how I laughed at Benjamin Cohen trying to repeatedly bring up that they were all "cis", and that they were two gay men, and the lack of transwo representation, leaving the complete lack of women echoing unmentioned.

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Top notch second-hand embarassment right here, even if this dude is a trash bin, lmao.

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Ben’s strategy in arguments seems to be ‘baffle them, just baffle them, just stutter and waffle until they leave and I won hah!’