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I know it's a humorous post, but... my skin cleared up completely when I stopped using all products. I mean ALL products. All I use is warm water now. And I had REALLY bad acne, like I took prescription drugs to help clear it up and none of it worked. It only got better when I left it completely alone (had to stop picking and popping as well). Basically I prolonged my teenage acne phase into my late 20s with the constant overuse of irritating products.

So yeah, this post is actually great advice!

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You are spot on here. Skincare products destroy your skin's natural microbiome. It's such a scam.

I'm pretty much the same. Water rinse. If I need to remove sunblock of something tho, a little bit of any decent oil, rubbed into my face for a minute, then a warm, wet washcloth to wipe it away. Apparently this trick also works for makeup (I don't wear it). Women are sold so very many products. It feels really liberating to trust that your body in its natural state, is more healthy and wise than all those companies.

I also make my own toothpaste with coconut oil and baking soda. My dentist approves.

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I actually also make my deodorant with coconut oil and baking soda. Looks like that's all the cosmetics we need xD

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I can't be bothered to make it myself, but my local drugstore sells a deodorant that's basically just different oils and waxes and baking soda. It works like a dream, better than any other deodorant I've tried. It's also dirt cheap.

I also wash my face with an emulsifying oil. Way better than just water or God forbid, soap.

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Some people do need some products for skin!

I got rid of my sebaceous filaments with glycolic acid and niacinamide, and my dry/dehydrated skin with moisturizer.

I try to only use clean single ingredients.

I might try the OCM again sometime- maybe in combination with glycolic acid toner a few days a week- to see if that helps.

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I thought I was the only one!!! I wash my face with water and use cooking sunflower oil to stop it getting dry. That's all. My skin also cleaned up and my wallet feels amazing about this change.

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Similar experience here. I switched to using a blend of olive and castor oil years ago after realizing that a lot of face washes caused some bad reactions for me.

Every time I go without skincare products my skin is worse than ever, no matter how long the break is. But I’ll for sure agree it’s worth seeing what happens because most skincare products aren’t great.

Oddly enough, the more I wear makeup, the healthier my skin looks—which isn’t because of the cosmetic bit obviously, I’ve started thinking I maybe just need an equivalent to the layers of moisturizer + primer + foundation + powder to hold in moisture in a stable enough way that I don’t just sweat it off, and/or the daily exfoliation you normally get from removing makeup. I always say my dad is part Goron (rock people from Zelda games) and I clearly inherited his skin—the dead layers of skin just put up a serious fight to stay attached, scrubbing alone isn’t enough.

Have you tried chemical peels? There's very few ingredients which actually do anything useful for our skin, and beta/alpha hydroxy acids are among them. They are good at sloughing off dead skin.

Yeah, of all the products I use, chemical exfoliants are the ones I’m least able to give up for long. I don’t use chemical peel strength, but BHA and AHA (glycolic acid, and I’m about to try lactic acid for keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs) products roughly every other day keep my skin sane. Only other active ingredient product I’ve used that’s been as dramatic is plain old tea tree oil (diluted a ton to keep the smell mild, with jojoba and hemp seed oil), which works better than any of the prescriptions my dermatologist gave me for acne and atopic dermatitis.

Once I started looking through the Paula’s Choice reviews of skincare products and seeing how many had ingredients that aren’t even functional or have extra irritants thrown in for no reason, it horrified me. 90% of the stuff on store shelves is a waste of money at best, and a fair chunk of it can mess your skin up enough that you end up needing more stuff to fix the damage.

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We only have dust, but the idea is nice. Will attempt to reincarnate as woodland creature next time.

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I hope I don't have to reincarnate...I'm tired, sis 🥺. Being a bird would be kinda cool though.

Gosh, I hear you. I don't fancy doing this whole human thing again. But I'd like to be one of my cats: 0 worries and all the spoiling in the world.

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I'm really hoping to come back as an orca. Matriarchal pods plus raw uninhibited power. They're also super smart!

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Off topic but I was recently watching a show that was supposed to be set in Alabama, United States. Alabama is heavily wooded (think xmas type trees) and quite wet and humid. The environment on the show was dusty af with really bizarre looking trees and shrubbery, like nothing I'd ever seen in America. Not really any grass, the patches of grass were dried out and dusty, etc.

As it turns out: they filmed the whole thing in South Africa!

No wonder the show didn't get a third season, it was impossible to ignore and really broke the immersion. They could have made up something like supernatural terraforming, but no. They just went with it and expected nobody to notice?

Lol, was probably filmed in Cape Town - there's a large studio and it's insanely cheap. But the flora is unique - as in it only grows there. Fine bush, proteas, and, of course, dust. When you drive along the the coast near Somerset-West, you can see the studio stuff, including a very random pirates of the Caribbean type ship. It's random, but I love seeing "foreign" places in movies/series, and recognizing it as Cape Town.

Oh, on a more dreary note, when they went searching for the most post-apocalyptic dreary distopian place on earth for the new Dredd movie, the location guys could have tried going to any horrible place on earth. Turns out that place is Johannesburg. I mean, they're not wrong: that place is awful. They just did not have to rub our faces in it! 😂

[–] Foxglove 1 points (+1|-0)

Can second your assessment of Joburg! Probably one of my least favourite cities, whereas Cape Town is one of my most favourite cities.

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Basically, hydration and dont sunbathe for too long, it does actually check out!

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Can we start a group on here like WitchesvPatriarchy (which ironically got taken over by TIMs)? I would love to have more empowering and witchy posts and memes!

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Seconded! I have stolen so many things from that subreddit, somehow the ban hammer missed me lol

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So far my skin was the best when I went to a high elevation desert. I'll have to try the old forest gods