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Hello, there! I know you didn’t exactly ask for recommendations, but may I still offer some?

The first version of Disney’s Mulan is exceptional at presenting both GNC actions and characters as well as sidestepping an obvious love story. I still consider it the movie of my childhood, and I can’t stand Disney.

If you’re willing to look into anime, check out Studio Ghibli’s offerings, especially Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away, which are either: 1) very subtle in romantic implications or 2) devoid of romance altogether. Also, for western animation, check out the stop motion adaptation of Coraline - it’s got an absolutely stellar plot and a very unique atmosphere for a kids’ movie (although this borders on horror, so be wary if your child is sensitive).

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Mulan is my favorite Disney 'princess'. Always has been. I love Studio Ghibli. My favorite is Kiki's Delivery Service, but my son's favorite is Totoro and I love that he gets to see two awesome little girls as protagonists having adventures. He's even pretended to be them. The book Coraline is wonderful too, and there's a great graphic novel version.

For tv shows, we love Peg plus Cat. A girl doing math, with a cat companion, and solving problems? Amazing! He used to watch Madeline too and we still really like the Christmas special.