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I gave it up years ago

However if one is planning to live entirely for oneself, it takes $$$, at least where I live. Want a kid? $$$. Want a home of your own? $$$, where I am at least, thanks to money launderers, and football field sized loopholes in regulation and taxation.

So to be a free woman who can have other experiences, like having children, like having some equity so when you’re old you don’t have to go to a warehouse for the dying poor and family-free, you need to prioritize making money.

That’s what my grandmother (who literally died mad at my grandfather) told me. Always have money of your own.

Too bad I didn’t listen. I went for experiences. Tried to figure out my shit. Had my head up my ass. Meandered. Had no interest in $$$.

You can’t be an artist or work in non profits if you also want financial security and the option of being a mother.

So, my regret and I would like to recommend preparing for lucrative careers.

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It’s possible to be a single mother (if you want that experience) and not be wealthy, it’s just super hard. And IVF is $$$$$$$.