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I'm going to do my best not to let her get fed that prince charming narrative. I'm putting together a list of movies, shows, and books that have strong girls/women who don't look for or fall in love. I know I can't control everything she sees, hears, or learns. But it can't hurt to show her a better version of what girls can be and do than what everyone else is going to tell her.

As for how terrible boys/men can be, that will be covered under discussions and news stories.

I will not send her into the world blind.

seconding studio ghibli - totoro and ponyo are great for preschoolers (though ponyo's ending is kinda weird, you might want to pre view it and see what you think.) I'd save spirited away, nausicaa and kiki for elementary school, and princess mononoke for middle school and up.

I'm not generally a disney fan but moana was actually really good. Kickass but 3 dimensional heroine and no romantic subplot at all.

and of course avatar the last airbender. The first season has some mis-steps but is decent overall, and the second introduces one of my favorite female characters of all time.