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Also, the opinions of trans-women are sacred.....until one of them has the audacity to say something like "Nine year olds are to young to transition" or "Females SHOULD have a right to their own spaces if they're not comfortable around males". Those are the only trans-women you're permitted to criticize

[–] kaitzi 13 points (+13|-0) Edited

“You must respect everyone’s self id but people who say those things aren’t really trans “

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Makes me wonder…whose goal is this? Are they advocating for the pharmaceutical lobby bare faced as this?

[–] hmimperialtortie 12 points (+12|-0)

Pharmaceutical industry and paedophiles. The core of the “trans” movement.

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I like this in general but the dog part, yeah. One of my dogs is like that. There's no messing around

It's missing "refuse to donate money or time every time a transwoman demands it".

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Can we talk about what a power move "detransexual" as a handle is? That's fucking amazing

It's never enough. I've seen so many trans people claim that respecting their "identity", using their pronouns, vocally supporting them etc. is still not enough -- as long as they can tell that you can tell their actual birth sex, you're still a hateful bigot in their eyes who has to "unlearn" how they perceive sex. Unless you not only respect their feelings and convictions, but actually share them, and see what they see, they're not satisfied. You're supposed to brainwash yourself.